Cinque Terre

16 Porto Venere and CinqueTerre

Water taxi at10 am, loved little port city Proto Venere, including tourist booh and clean public toilettes! We look forward to walking some more there when we return later today.

Cool breeze out on water. Not a cloud in sky, hot hot by 10 am. Sitting inside ou of the sun beside window with breeze. Can see high steep terraced land and the odd hat blown off someone’s head that is sitting up front in the direct wind. An offering gratefully. Accepted by the sea. Last time I visited this part of the world, I took a train from LaSpizia with the womens travel club. It was hot. We were not able to do it today as no train from Porto Venere and I am grateful for this small but significant difference.

I look around at the wardrobe choices of the folks on this vacation taxi. I spy one of the colourful towns out the far side window. Colourful and built in to the steep hillside cliff. Golds, pink, peach, yellow, green, tan, beige, red.

Gluten free pizza, focaccia and torte in Manorola, second stop. Awesome … Very excited. Got post cards and stickers as well. Seems smaller than Rio Maggiore, which was our first top. Tons of steps up up and up. Then came down through tiny steps, a maze really, back to the shore. Water taxi gives us an hour at each stop. Two in the next one. And I will have something to nibble on! In France there was meringues, not so much in Italy that I have found. Not that I am starving :). Food is great on the cruise!

We have to eat focaccia on ferry to Monterossa …. Steve gets a beer or two. Stunningly beautiful blue sky with green slopes and rocky shores. Caves and tunnels visible. Coloured homes space on the cliff sides. The sea is bright blue and sparkling, inviting. Many people are here for the swimming and are wearing bathing suits.

Some evidence of fortresses.

Monterossa hot in the sun, followed by Vernazza and then back to the ship for evening festivities. What a glorious day on Cinque Terre!

Wish you were here,

Love Pamela

New friends and travel

15 Azamazing Evening

30 July 2013 with our new friends Anne and Barb. They are travel consultants from Toronto area. We eat together and we have been meeting for drinks as well.

Today I went in to PortoFino with the gals, we stopped and enjoyed this beautiful harbour city. Very popular with the yachts and so some cafes and women’s shops. The gals drink prosecco, a kind of bubbly champagne from Italy. We logged on and swapped Facebook info and became ‘friends’.

After a few hours of walking around we purchased a one way ticket on a water taxi in a large yacht type ferry to Santa Margherita. We shopped there,and enjoyed water, wine and the girls ate Margherita pizza! It was great. Then we caught the tender boat as the Azamara Journey. Had moved its location and was now providing tenders from the new port of call, only 15 minute ferry ride down the coast of Italy.

When we arrived on board we met up at the pool deck for frozen margarita drinks, salmon brochettes and lamb, salad and desserts. An hour of rest and get dressed for the evening.

Now we are waiting for our tender ship and off to a castle villa for an evening of food, music and good friends. Tis event surely sets,apart Azamara from the other cruise lines.

Fabulous blue sky, warm breeze and the most beautiful coast line in Italian Riviera.

Steve is telling ghost stories from his paranormal interest and experiences in Victoria.


14 first day cruising.

Woke up early as I have a seminar at 8 am. We have arrived at Calvi in Corsica France, with heavy moist air, grey skies and predictions of sunny 35 degree weather. Hmmmmmmm

All morning in the three hour seminar the rain fell. They offered and showed movie Skyfall in the large lounge on three screens. We watched it and then had a quick lunch and went out in the hot sun to explore the port of call.

Napoleon’s birthplace, some other famous folks from here, mostly for. Me it was beautiful and scenic. High rock walls, lots of flowers and trees, balconies and alleyways with narrow staircases. Very fun place. Bit of shopping in old town.

Returned to ship, changed clothes for cocktail party 530 pm followed by dinner.

Now getting ready for sleep and two ports tomorrow, Portofino followed by Santa Margarita and the Azamazing Evening!

Have not figured out the Internet yet. Tomorrow. I have seminar at 7 am for an hour.

Love p

Travel log, Italy or France?


Missed a few days. Action packed tourism including day trip to Cannes and Antibes by train. Now aboard Azamara Journey for 7 day awesome cruise. Our luggage has arrived and we have met some fabulous people, also with Expedia CruiseShipCenters (Toronto and Abbotsford). The ship is full apparently and the crew entirely different than when I was on with mom. The wait staff and dining room attendants are the same.

Greeted at deck five with several glasses of champagne to soothe the weary traveler. The heat and walking, bus, trains, taxis all forgotten with the pink bubbly designed to help people relax in to the Azamara vacation experience. It totally worked.

More details include beautiful port of call and embarkation at Monte Carlo,Monaco. Dance classes Wednesday and Friday for jive dance. Every night in the disco. Cha cha, rumba and other dances also going to happen. The ports of call are spectacular and highly anticipated.

The big yachts pulling into the harbour, bigger than a house, huge pool, many beds and lounge areas.

We had a lovely lunch on board, and attended the mandatory life boat drill. Then met new friends for dinner, greeted by the wait staff in dining room from last cruise. That was fun. Food and service fabulous, table by window.

Followed by the evening show, and then dancing in night club for a few hours.

Wish you were here, great balcony, warm air and off to foreign lands.


Nice, France

12. Nice

It begins. We arrive and take taxi to our hotel in Nice. Luggage arrived as well.

Hotel Anis is a nice little boutique three star hotel in a run down kind of area. I think it looks quaint. Perhaps I see with rosé color glasses. I had stayed at a fabulous place in Nice previously, Victor Hugo hotel, also boutique but it was not available. Anis had a good review in most sites, a bit in need of renovations. Smallish rooms and washrooms that are small but adequate.

We decide not even to unpack, just get out there to see what there is and to pick up some dinner. We caught the city bus to the far other end of the Promenade Les Englais. At the port area, lots of restaurants and interesting people watching.

We walk, we sit and enjoy appetizers from France and I have a Caesar salad with chicken, a few bottles of rosé wine shared, big bottle of cool sparkling water. So enjoyable to sit and enjoy the view. A few local ferries, lots of tourists.

We walk down the Promenade on way back to our hotel, and get about half way, enjoy gelato at Gelateria Pinochio. We look at the map and see we are about half way, it is late and dark. We get a taxi to the hotel and have a great sleep.

Night one in France. Beautiful heat, people swimming in the sea. Music by buskers, couples walking hand in hand, women in high shoes, practical tourists. Stunningly beautiful.

Today we walk down the other end of the Promenade and get as far as the Gelateria …. So we have now walked the whole length of it. Yippee. Coming back later today for a swim. Today Sarah is feeling the heat and so we shall do some shopping. Tomorrow train to Antibbes and then Cannes, also hoping for a swim in the sea.

It is beautiful here,like Hawaii temperature and palm trees, beach and lines of hotels on the beach. Perhaps less people and a bit more organized and spacious on the beach. Less sandy and more rocks may be the deciding difference. Cool breeze is coming in from the water. I love Europe and France, as well as Italian Riviera. A lot of people vacation here and I can see why. So laid back and people walking to and from as well as along the beach.

Beautiful, wish you were here, (We see the umbrellas and lounge chairs from the movie, French Kiss)



11 Lufthansa

Last leg of the journey to Nice. I was in Frankfurt several hours, got a room at the Hilton and had a nice sleep and refreshing shower. I purchased a Europe plug converter and bottle of water once through security.

It is a big airport and I have been here before. We saw a Starbucks but on other side of security and time is running out so we proceed without. No doubt we will find one around Nice.

I have had the good fortune to land exit rows and leg room on all segments of this flight adventure. How wonderful. Sometimes to feel abundance all we need to do is ask and be open.

This is a short flight to Nice, just over an hour. No movies, looks like wine is being served … Yes! The food is glutinous, pasta salad and bread, however I am carrying some almonds I purchased so I am good to do without this brief meal. I am certain there will be dining this evening in Nice. Sarah is already there.

White wine, water and lovely service. I like the yellow scarves. I love to stretch out my legs and relax in to the flight. I like to fly. I enjoy the travel experience even in foreign countries. Maybe even especially in European lands.

Tools for thought and staying in prosperity.
Morning pages, without fail, 3 x 8.5 x 11 first thing in morning
Counting all money in and out
Walking 20 minutes twice a week
Mindfulness 5 minutes twice a day as a time out
Abstinence from increasing debt


Julia Cameron on Prosperity

10 Julia Cameron on topic of Prosperity

I will be writing as I read through some great books on this flight. I have followed the career and teachings of Julia Cameron (The Artists Way) for many years. I recently have stumbled on her book about faith and prosperity and abundance. I am a believer it works for artists, why not me? After all, I am an artist!

What is my relationship with money? Where did my beliefs about enough and not enough come from? What if I let those go and adopt new beliefs?

I believe now that I can achieve whatever I set out to do. I have an abundance expectation, and I also have responsibility to take steps in the direction of my climb. I believe that I am enough and that I can achieve and will achieve even more than I presently believe possible or probable. I know that money flows like a river. I am in the river. I spend, I make, I enjoy, I receive, I am generous, and I live in easy world with money. I believe that when I am living easy and in the flow I can achieve so much more and with grace.

When I say my priorities include travel and family, then these priorities are foremost in my mind and keep me constantly accompanied as I journey on. I am friends with my money, my money owed and received. I hold hands with, respect, love and embrace my abundance. I share openly and willingly for that river to keep flowing. I see there is ease and grace. I feel that certain decisions bring expected outcomes. When I am kind to my friends and companions, including my funds, I can see the return on investment. Enjoyment brings joy. Joy gives birth to more enjoyment.

Oh the places we will go, my friends, funds and I. From now on when I talk about friends I will be referring to my family and my funds. My real wealth also includes my spiritual and emotional self and how I include all in my circle. Not packed away in a back pack, but freely available as breath, water and freedom. Financier of my faith. Faith in my own financial abundance.

Affirming that there is always enough and taking action in the direction of the belief. It is not a hardship but a pastime lived simply and wisely. Words borrowed of Thoreau.

Seeking always clarity, serenity and a sense of safety will lead me to a prosperous heart. Simplicity and wisdom light the way as if by torches through the night. Keep only that in the path that is immediately in my awareness and not worry about what the other might have or have not. Keep my mind as close to the present as I can remember to do. Not always living for the moment but in the moment, mindfully.

Julia says when I shake the apple tree, oranges my fall and it might be oranges I was seeking after all. I am ready to step in to the twelve week introduction to my relationship with abundance and my financial faith. I invite you to do the same. We could do it on line together? Or you can do it simultaneously as do I. Or you are invited to witness my journey. It is all the same to me, how you step in and up to your life. I find some amount of accountability to be helpful and humbling, honest and hopeful.

As we begin our descent into Ottawa, I am contemplating the story I have with money and what it is going forward. I may bump in to my past beliefs, however, I start from this moment and invite a healthy loving relationship with my new financial friend and confidante. I am in the river and floating on financial faith.

With grace and gratitude,