Halifax to Ottawa

9 on the plane Halifax to Ottawa

Air Canada flight to Ottawa from Halifax. Hmmmmmm. Feels like we are going the wrong way, or long way to Nice! But alas this is how it goes. We are on the flight, in exit rows with plenty of leg room. I am thrilled, as always when I can sit with ease and stretch out my legs. One of the many miracles that is happening today and on this trip.

We stopped at the Air Canada desk and are also confirmed for exit rows on the long flight to Frankfurt. After that, not yet secured the seat so we can do that in Frankfurt during our stop over there.

Sarah is booked on flight from Moscow and meeting us in Nice. Our plans are to take a local train to Cannes for some beach time, and hopefully some markets. Local fare is usually so fun and tasty. Maybe some shopping? Looking around and walking the beach. I hope to take some pictures and send blog posts. I will keep up on Facebook when I can.

I think it might have been difficult for my mom to see us go. Our visit has been so busy, not much down time. However on Tuesday, yesterday, we went to Kingsport beach in the morning before the clouds came in. The tide was coming in and with the super moon the night before the high tide line was still evident on the high shore. Hard to believe this wonder of the world. How fortunate I was to grow up in such a magical place. Sure, I never lived here but I did spend my summers on the beach, walking in the red clay and frolicking in the ocean surf.

Yesterday was a revisit of those childhood days. Every time I go to Kingsport I have such a wonderful body memory of home. We stopped in the little wharf store and I had scallops wrapped in bacon for 6 dollars and fifty cents! Yup. We had an ice cream and I kept snapping pictures of the tide rising quickly in front of our very eyes.

I had dressed up a bit for the occasion,matching hat with flower adornment and silk scarf matching, black slacks and black sleeveless over shirt. I got comments from the locals and tourists alike. Matching earrings and bracelet, probably looking more like someone famous than a local girl grown up and come back for a visit and walk in red clay. I felt lovely.

On we went to Halls Harbour to see my aunt’s watercolour studio and store. I picked up some post cards to send to grandsons and friends back in BC. The lot art of sending mail by post sounds like a decadent way to remind people they are loved and thought about while i travel. The rain started and I dove down some country roads, admiring the scenery, rolling hills and farm houses. Herons in marsh areas, shore birds by the beaches and some sheep grazing in pastures.

We drove through Kentville where my brother was born, and then made a few stops in New Minas to check out some local stores. We picked up a phone charger and a few shirts. We saw the movie theatre and made plans to come back later tonight for Reds 2 after dinner.

Birthday celebration a few days after the fact for Steve, at Blomidon Inn restaurant. We ate sea food, I had scallops again and other people had tasty offerings from the local area as well. Dessert and drinks. Off to the nine pm movie. Exhausted and determined to do it all!

Back to mom’s for last minute packing and a few precious hours of needed sleep. Preparations and lists running wild through my mind … Remember this, did I pack that? Oh, oh and don’t forget ……

Choices of what to leave behind for pick up on the way home from Europe. Saying good bye for now to my brother and his wife, my aunts and uncle, and finally my mom for about 11 days until we return.

Today up early and I had some cruise business to do, new booking for Northern Europe in the Baltic. Cancellation for Alaska next year. Last minute emails and change my voice mail greeting to advise I will be away for a while and not able to answer calls.

Lots of time to get to our destination on time. We planned to make a few stops like Costco for some items for Sarah that she cant get in Moscow. Listening to Siri on iPhone to get us to the airport for check in and seat changes, baggage drop off and time to get through security, and water purchase.

We have been eating great food and feel the seats on the plane might be shrinking! Good thing some of my clothes were baggy when I left home. They likely won’t be when I get back.

Complimentary beverage service has arrived. I better stick to water and make sure I hydrate for the long flights to our destination.

Looking forward to reading some, maybe sudoku puzzles and hopefully some sleep along the way. It may be some time before I feel a soft but firm bed and cool sheets around me. I love to travel and this is one of the challenges that greets every traveler. Sleeping along the way ….

This time I am borrowing travel socks from my mom to assist with comfort and energy on the plane. If it works I will be stocking up for future trips.

More soon, all my love

One of the songs the boys and I sang “hands up, baby hands up, give me your heart give me give me your heart give me give me all your love …. All your love”

She loves you, ya ya ya ya …..

P, on the road.

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