Julia Cameron on Prosperity

10 Julia Cameron on topic of Prosperity

I will be writing as I read through some great books on this flight. I have followed the career and teachings of Julia Cameron (The Artists Way) for many years. I recently have stumbled on her book about faith and prosperity and abundance. I am a believer it works for artists, why not me? After all, I am an artist!

What is my relationship with money? Where did my beliefs about enough and not enough come from? What if I let those go and adopt new beliefs?

I believe now that I can achieve whatever I set out to do. I have an abundance expectation, and I also have responsibility to take steps in the direction of my climb. I believe that I am enough and that I can achieve and will achieve even more than I presently believe possible or probable. I know that money flows like a river. I am in the river. I spend, I make, I enjoy, I receive, I am generous, and I live in easy world with money. I believe that when I am living easy and in the flow I can achieve so much more and with grace.

When I say my priorities include travel and family, then these priorities are foremost in my mind and keep me constantly accompanied as I journey on. I am friends with my money, my money owed and received. I hold hands with, respect, love and embrace my abundance. I share openly and willingly for that river to keep flowing. I see there is ease and grace. I feel that certain decisions bring expected outcomes. When I am kind to my friends and companions, including my funds, I can see the return on investment. Enjoyment brings joy. Joy gives birth to more enjoyment.

Oh the places we will go, my friends, funds and I. From now on when I talk about friends I will be referring to my family and my funds. My real wealth also includes my spiritual and emotional self and how I include all in my circle. Not packed away in a back pack, but freely available as breath, water and freedom. Financier of my faith. Faith in my own financial abundance.

Affirming that there is always enough and taking action in the direction of the belief. It is not a hardship but a pastime lived simply and wisely. Words borrowed of Thoreau.

Seeking always clarity, serenity and a sense of safety will lead me to a prosperous heart. Simplicity and wisdom light the way as if by torches through the night. Keep only that in the path that is immediately in my awareness and not worry about what the other might have or have not. Keep my mind as close to the present as I can remember to do. Not always living for the moment but in the moment, mindfully.

Julia says when I shake the apple tree, oranges my fall and it might be oranges I was seeking after all. I am ready to step in to the twelve week introduction to my relationship with abundance and my financial faith. I invite you to do the same. We could do it on line together? Or you can do it simultaneously as do I. Or you are invited to witness my journey. It is all the same to me, how you step in and up to your life. I find some amount of accountability to be helpful and humbling, honest and hopeful.

As we begin our descent into Ottawa, I am contemplating the story I have with money and what it is going forward. I may bump in to my past beliefs, however, I start from this moment and invite a healthy loving relationship with my new financial friend and confidante. I am in the river and floating on financial faith.

With grace and gratitude,


One comment on “Julia Cameron on Prosperity

  1. Josephine says:

    So happy to connect with you Pamela as I am a huge Julia Cameron fan and always refer to ‘The Artist’s Way’ as the changing point in my artistic career. Is there any way I could print this post as it is so inspiring what you learned on your journey. No wonder you love and appreciate all the wonderful things that happen on your travels and connect with fellow travelers.

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