Group Travel

Welcome to the Women’s Travel Club!!  Born of an idea from two good friends who worked together in a small town  in BC, Canada.  A cruise to the Mexican Riviera on a Carnival cruise was selected based on price, destination and the expectation of first time cruisers.  Originally we planned for inside cabins … “let’s keep the cost down”.  Wiser experienced heads prevailed and suggested we would enjoy balcony staterooms in a row … with adjoining verandas …. perfect for pajama parties and early morning chats over coffee while watching dolphins, whales and flying fish.  A little extra $$ on the travel investment proved to be the BEST decision.  Some staterooms had 2, 3 and 4 passengers and good friends became even closer!  We all went our separate ways for organizing shore excursions, ordering room service, and planning day time activities such as time on the pool deck, shopping, playing games, exercising in the gym, walking for the cure for breast cancer and watching movies.  Evening dining selection of two tables for 8 gave us the best seats in the house, plenty of choice of whom to sit beside, no shortage of tall tales from the day, and great opportunities to get to know “new” friends and reconnect as a group.  Laughter and tears were heartfelt, as our lives were woven together in a new way.  Two wonderful friends of mine became engaged on that trip – I shared a stateroom with my mom – and we all have a fine photo and special memories of the night we danced on the top deck under the moon.  One woman brought her husband – everyone was welcome and all had an unforgettable journey.

Group travel can be a wonderful and soul enriching experience.  Whether it is a group of friends, a family reunion, spiritual, art or music appreciation group or colleagues from work.  Whether your travel  is to taste wine or discover a historic landmark. The enjoyment of each other’s company and the enriching of relationships is a wonderful and rare gift of time and commitment to be together.