Awe-some day

Who was that person and what was the lesson?  Why do I put myself out there?  And when did it start?  Great questions.  Not sure I need to spend much time on the answers.  Let the questions hang in the air like an unfinished sentence…..

I met a man today who was raised on Anthony Robbins from childhood!  What a start in life that would be …. What potential is awake when that is your early life support.  What a gift he will be as a father and partner and friend.  He will change the world by his impact on this new generation.  He is a brilliant, sensitive and strong man with a vision.

By putting myself out there I get to experience and practice my higher self.  My skills become more honed and my vision more clear; my message and my presence influencing others.  Was I of any assistance to this person in search of answers?  I believe in my core that I had a premonition of him today and my day was in preparation for our meeting.

After talking about Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, “Don’t Bite the Hook” cd by Pema Chodron, and Zero Limits book authored by Joe Vitale … I pulled out of my bag two identical blue pages with the words I had written this morning in my blog.  So perfect the synchronicity and yet how basic the skill to connect, listen, ask questions and lend support.

I am in awe of my day.  I walked through a grove of old gnarly oak trees around Cedar Hill Golf Course and truly saw the beauty in them.  So much to learn and experience.

“I love you.  I am sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.” Ho’oponopono.

Financial Freedom and being a Grammie

Financial Freedom and being a Grammie

Wanting to make the world a better place probably started when I had children of my own; a larger and grander sense of purpose.  Safety, protection, prosperity, comfort, health, strength, happiness; all factor in to the future goals I began to set for myself even back then in the early 80’s.  Of course there was my heart’s desire even before that, however I can say with certainty that I was unconscious and making decisions that were not often in my best interests and even contrary to what I now know as my special purpose.

As my career as a probation officer (specializing in youth services and then even further to working with girls who find themselves involved in youth justice) developed, so did my sense of self as a helping professional, as a caring person and change agent, and a conscientious parent.   

Oh, the mistakes I made!  Mostly I am afraid, with my children, the most precious of all my interactions.  As I grow each day and uncover more about my authentic self I come to see that while my intentions were always good, my commitment to change, to follow through with integrity and knowing my true purpose were not always foremost.

Today, at age 54, I can most certainly state that I am investigating, learning and practicing daily those actions that I believe are more in line with who I am and my goals for myself.  And now with the super-extraordinary “special beyond belief” relationship I am developing with my grandchildren I see even more clearly how my actions impact the world.  Their world, my world, the world of my children (now adults) and all of the world that I encounter.

I am coming to accept personal responsibility for all that comes in to my awareness; at home and inside my mind and body, as well as globally, with all women everywhere, and their loved ones.  Everyone has a parent and someone who loves them.  Everyone is my responsibility.  My thoughts and actions are my responsibility.  I shall continue to strive for the financial freedom which provides me the vehicle to travel and inspire, impacting all the women around the world and thereby their loved ones.

May I be safe and protected.  May all people be safe and protected.

May I be peaceful and happy.  May all people be peaceful and happy.

May I be healthy and strong.  May all people be healthy and strong.

May I be wealthy, financially  free and generous.  May all people be financially free and generous.

May my life be lived joyfully and with ease.  May all people have lives lived joyfully and with ease.

May I love myself exactly as I am.  May all people love themselves exactly as they are.

“I love you.  I am sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.”  Ho’oponopono

I love you and I take full responsibility

Time for a blog on one of the concepts I am learning. “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you”. Simple terms. Emotional impact. Back to basics.
My practice, each time I catch myself in judgment during the day, I say (when I remember) that phrase to myself, to the universe or to the person I am talking to. I don’t need to say it out loud and in fact, am keeping it to myself. It shifts my thoughts and makes space for a more loving breath. This moment has been cleared and space given for a new possibility.
Within only a few days I find I am waking up in the morning with this phrase in my mind first thought and just before I drift off to sleep, same.
Wow!! If we all did this …….. what a different world I would experience. If I want world peace, I have to take 100% responsibility for my part.
This is my daily practice and I invite you to join me. If you want to know more, let me know and I will share the book and credit the author with the full story. What a great way to spend my time, each moment of each day. Taking responsibility for my own thoughts.

Great morning

Hi, I have decided to try to post more regularly and more often.  So much happens in between my travels that is significant.  My life is happening and I need to show up and write about it!  I hope you will join me.

I believe in living my vision and passion for creating abundance and financial freedom.  I start with great health and vital energy and I succeed in all areas of my life so I can live my dream to travel the world with my family and friends. 

I am presently enjoying safe and healthy weight management using the program.  It works and is easy and I get to eat Chocolate Cake for breakfast!  Gluten free foods are important to me and I have enjoyed the convenience and variety of the ones I use on this program.

I attended a Disney travel presentation a few nights ago and won the grand prize.  No longer one of those people who never wins!  I will be traveling hopefully with my eldest daughter and her family, my grandsons and heading to Disneyland in spring 2013.

Also planning to travel with my partner and his daughter and her husband, as well as my dear friend to Europe end of September for Rome round trip cruise, Seminar at Sea, with Royal Caribbean International.  Being a travel agent has its perks!

Also making plans for group of us to be in Europe on a cruise with Princess from 2 Sept to 23 Sept.  More on that another day.

My dreams are reality.  I have vision boards around me and I see the future as it unfolds before me.  I set it in motion by my intention and enjoying the creativity of my life.