Preparations have Begun

Great morning my dear blog, 
It has been a while since I have paid you any attention …. time to change that.
It is the first day of September 2015. One month from now I will be packing, last days before my next big travel adventure.  
October 4 I fly out of Victoria on route to Roujan, France. I will be staying in a villa in the south of France …. (I LOVE saying that!). What a vision that conjures for me as I let the words roll off my tongue, and each key stroke as I let my fingers do the talking through this magic ipad.
The vision, is one of vineyards, sunshine, sparkling white off dry and flavourful Prosecco, and time, plenty of time. This sounds like the ingredients for not only a fabulous holiday, but a wine of the region! I intend to indulge in both.  
I will drive small country roads and soak in the atmosphere that is indeed French countryside. I will let the culture, the language, the very air enter my person and sit for a month in my skin. 
 I will be a visitor in this land, however, I will try to let go of my tourist travel persona. Instead I will be an observer of space and time, art and routine.  
I will visit small town markets, I will investigate and smell the fruits and vegetables of the day, the season and the area. I will eat slowly of the fresh ingredients in a daily salad tossed only in flavours that can be found and enjoyed in this place.
I envision walking along country roads, sitting silently and breathing in the banks of the rivers alive with local fishes and plants who enjoy this place as their home. I will find rhythm and write my story of this journey. I expect most of the words and meaning will be shared on this blog site.
As I begin my packing today …. small items that want to audition for the final destination travel in my very small carryon hard sided champagne colored Italian made suitcase that I purchased in a town in Europe on my last trip, this past June 2015.  
I do hope you join me. Come with me to France!!  
In whatever way you can enjoy …. by reading books of the country, by studying the language, by watching French Kiss and other fabulous romantic comedy movies from the area, or buy a ticket and I will enjoy dining with you as we weave travel stories together.