Authenticity from Exploration

What is at the top of the mountain?  Who is at the core of our being?  What is my special purpose? 

The answer to these questions becomes the goal;  keeping an eye on it, as I take steps ever on my journey.

I have learned that I have to taste from the buffet of life to find the meaning and destination I seek.  I need to be open to possibilities and then not give up.  I stay awake and as mindful as possible on the road I travel.

Travel is the path I take, the vehicle I drive in, in order to find the direction of my next step.  Travel with someone I love dearly? Travel alone? Take the path less traveled?  Get on the biggest ship at sea?  Stand in line to meet new friends? Sit in a quiet space and wait for what might happen next?  Walk on cobblestones of age?  Travel by plane for 9 plus hours surrounded by others transversing the globe?  Lay in the hot sun on a sandy beach almost naked to the elements? Dress in my favorite formal gown at sea in north Atlantic in January?


Words come to my mind when I think of my true calling, my authentic self: women, safety, travel, freedom, influence, affluence, invincibility, respect, standing up with, writing, creativity, love, gratitude, generosity, visualization, vibrant health, global purpose, family, soul sisters, connection, play, fun, abundance, meditation, loving kindness, vibration, embracing change, visionary, women holding hands around the world.

Authenticity is the action from the belief that I am doing what I am meant to do; from the unique constellation of my thoughts, experiences and intentions combined with my learning, knowledge and talents, fuel with my own creativity and injected with inspiration and social consciousness.

Some people are doing what they feel they must.  Perhaps droning on in the day to day life looking, searching and desiring deeper meaning; the deeper meaning is not “out there”, it is within.  I dive within to be with and discover my own authentic self; my life purpose and mission.  To make my internal yet global dream come true.  Reflection, insight, discovery, curiosity all bring me closer to understanding.

The work I am prepared to do is to motivate and inspire deeper connection to the global community; with people who are lost and searching, around people who have taken steps into darkness and in partnership with people who are keen to stretch past their comfort zone.  I believe my authentic self takes steps daily toward the purpose of my dreams.  Particularly for the safety and invincibility of women globally, I take profound focused action each day in the direction of my goals.  Some days I see how all my steps are necessary as I climb my Mt Everest.  Sometimes the path seems to veer off course, however, I know there is a path I must follow and as long as I continue to take the steps ever onward with the vision in mind and in my sights, I know my journey is true. 

As I get older and more intentional, much like as one would be as nearing the top of the mountain, the acute necessity that motivates my every day action is more intense.  The messages arising from the opportunities become clearer to me.

I swim in the pool of luxury provided by the words and experiences shared by other world travelers.  I enjoy and interpret and reflect upon those who are also taking steps daily to achieve their goals, designed in the heart of their authentic self.  Not to travel in the same steps, however, to use their learning as key information in taking my own. 

When successful and inspirational folk write of their journey to share their experience as part of their authentic journey, I get to benefit.  I am further advanced in my own journey and closer and closer to taking surer steps toward success.  I am so grateful for those who share their stories. 

I believe as this year winds up and the new dawn is just weeks away, I am pulled ever stronger toward the ultimate and urgent vision of my authentic self.  There is no time to waste and the days of wandering aimlessly are past.  I am intentional and I am driven.  I left my base camp over a year ago and I am climbing steady and stronger each day in the true north of my authentic global vision. 

Thank you all for being supporters in my journey.  You know who you are and I appreciate you.  From PamelaTravelBlog, with love.


Travel, freedom, perspective:  is travel about running from or toward something?  For me it is movement toward the past.  I am full of anticipation of my next trip, and the next: eager to learn and explore new vistas and have a variety of experiences.  I get to learn about myself in the process of exploration of times past. Travel is about time and focus, delight and anticipation, experience and perspective.

As I begin to prepare for my next journey, I also am aware that I am booked for a few vacations off in to the future:  November 10 to 17, 2013 to the Caribbean on the grandest cruise ship, Allure of the Seas; November 2014 on a small Viking River Cruise in France, wine country, round trip Bordeaux.  I am open to new travel opportunities in the meantime and in particular I am looking forward to cruising around the British Isles.  Opportunities to travel the South Pacific including Australia and New Zealand and a stop in Bora Bora and Papeete are also on my list of delights for the future.

In less than 2 weeks I will be en route to the travel destination I planned several months ago.  Since traveling on Cunard this past October, I can honestly say that the quality of service is the hallmark of this line.  None of the staff really stand out because all are top quality and provide for and anticipate the guest’s every need.  I want to experience that again and again.  Traveling this time with my partner, we will fly to New York City.  I have never been there and have read and watched on movies such exciting cites as the Empire State Building.  I want to see Central Park and I want to see the shows on Broadway.  I want to experience the lights and action that only NYC offers.

We will cruise on the beautiful legendary Queen Mary 2, as it departs NYC and transits the Atlantic to Southampton.  A day on solid land and then embarkation to the Cunard Queen Victoria on the first leg of a World Voyage back to NYC, and  then a few land days to explore the city sights and sounds and tastes.

A few more bucket list items successfully checked off my life agenda.  Open to the opportunities that come my way.  I am both a government employee and have been for more than 27 years, and a home based part time travel consultant.  I have the best of both worlds and enjoy the life that such experiences create for me.  I enjoy my passion filled work life and how it opens up the world to the sights and reflections that otherwise might allude me.  I invite the perspective of other travelers and enjoy their meeting as often as daily when I travel.  Dancing, painting, reading, relaxing and eating are just a few of the events each day will present to me on a cruise buffet.  I will reflect on insightful conversations with new friends, and enjoy laughs of comfort with my travel partner.  Truly this is a retreat at sea with a land package extraordinaire. 

My anticipation level is high, my packing is not yet begun and the season is upon us for shopping, gifting, receiving, celebrating, singing, and connecting.    My house is not very decorated but my heart is full of song for the season and loving wishes for my family and friends.  I love this time of year for how my soul soars and my heart sings and my mornings are full with anticipation.  I love my life and everyone who is in it. 

More another day.  I wish for you and yours a most joyous holiday season and the very best year yet coming at you!!



Fill the Jar With Love and other fluffness

On Facebook there is a great idea floating around to get a large jar. Every day in the new year to write something fabulous that happened that day; kindness, gratitude, fun, ah-hah moments, and loving thoughts that are noteworthy and add those notes to the jar. Then next year when it is time, New Years Eve, for example, review the notes and have memories of precious times all year. I am starting today! I am not waiting until a new year.  I likely won’t wait for next new years eve to read them either, I will read them when I want to feel the warmth of precious sweet spot memories.

When an idea is brilliant and speaks to the soul, there is no time better than the present to implement the idea. Making change in any life, in the thoughts that bubble around in our conscious mind, in our creative life; there is no better time than NOW!

I have a “fluff” file. I have several actually. One is paper file at my work at a youth custody center. When the youth or the practicum student or even sometimes from fellow staff, write to me in gratitude for something I did …. I keep the note, the card, the picture, the sentiment, the printed email, in a folder in my desk. When the day comes, and it does much too often, when something terrible happens to one of the kids, I pull out the file. I read the heartfelt loving words of gratitude and know that I make a difference in their lives.  My fluff file is a celebrated collection of wonderful young people who have touched my life as I touched theirs.

I have a fluff file designated on my work email site as well for love notes and happy inspirations from people who I have worked with and their wisdom and appreciation of me.  It is very powerful to just know it exists.

Years ago I spoke at a University class about my fluff file, and then one of the gals in the room wrote to me a long time after I had moved to Victoria.  She indicated that my words had so affected her, she decided to do her practicum in my old office.  While there, she discovered some of my old fluff file stuff left behind in my many moves … she packaged it all up and sent me a note in Victoria with cards and letters my own daughters had given me when I had worked there.  I was moved to tears on the receipt of these lovely gifts that day.  First, the email that something I did and said mattered so much to her, and secondly for her generosity to send me those valuable lost items important only to me.  My kids love me unconditionally and their gifts to me always bring tears of joy to me in the remembering.

However we collect these valuable life gifts, either in a journal, or photographs, drawings, paintings, words of encouragement, cards, quotes or love notes, they are the things that make life a joyful journey.

Today is a great day to invite a new chapter, an extra backpack on the climb to the top of my Mt Everest.  Today I begin making notes of gratitude and begin the new habit that will give me such joy.

When I get to the top, my own personal top of my mountain? Will your love note be in my secret vault or tucked away in my back pack of precious life-saving and life affirming messages?

Who and what messages will be in yours?

1,000 words a day

How is it that I know things and then when I need to recall them, they sometimes allude me?  Recently I wrote a very important exam for a career advancement opportunity.  Two days later, I wake up at 4:30 in the morning, bright wide awake, with the answer; with the words I had carefully memorized from weeks of study.  I had practiced, read and repeatedly reviewed for more than 2 weeks the information I needed for this exam.  Words I “forgot” to put on paper when the time came.  How is that possible?

The answer, I think is in the small daily changes every day.  Taking a list of changes I would like to embrace, and taking action toward achieving those goals.

For example, if memory is a critical skill needed for this particular career, or speed reading for accuracy; whatever the skill, there is an action, or several, that can be taken to improve results.  I must now take action toward my dreams.

Many are born and raised into families and experiences that already embrace some daily practices.  For example, stating positive affirmations all day; having a spiritual practice of gratitude and forward optimism and generosity; journaling and creativity as a form of learning; reading and learning as a lifelong practice.  These are a few of the possibilities that exist as a day to day routine for many.  I am aware that one of the unique characteristics for my family is change; moving; starting over; and creating new relationships.  I have this skill and continue with daily practice that is almost unconscious. 

New habit to learn: saving not spending money.  I tend to spend.  That would an old mantra that I will take daily action on to change my outcome.  I stay out of stores; I disconnect and unsubscribe to offers to “save” money on great deals.  I don’t walk in malls or downtown stores when I have a “free” minute.  My list of “don’t” activities is so much easier to create.  My action must be a “do” action.  I will have a mantra and positive affirmation for saving money for retirement and travel.  I prioritize my spending on family, travel, business opportunities, and some necessities like mortgage and insurance.  I don’t take money with me when I go out; or I take only limited cash, and leave the credit and debit cards at home.  I write down my goal for amount to save; daily, weekly, bi weekly, monthly, annually.  I record my progress and I celebrate my success until it is a habit like chewing my food, and breathing in and out.

Other new habits that might assist with my present situation for the search for new career include improving my memory and recall.  What is the latest research saying that works best?  What are the daily practices I can incorporate in to my life that can prepare me for that next interview or exam on my way to the top?  What affirmation can I state that will keep me on task and taking positive action each day in the direction of my dream?  Being ready for opportunities instead of waking up with regrets, is key to success.  Being ready by analyzing and researching, reflecting and being curious is my next step. 

Another new skill I want to examine and practice is the skill of writing.  I am a writer.  I write.  That being true, I am committed to practicing and being vulnerable in the skill of daily blogging and writing.  Finding my authentic story and putting it in print is critical to my writing goal.  I blog.  I write books.  I write.  Daily I will write 1000 words.  It is a priority and a daily practice that will likely help with the other goals I have; memory, creativity, authenticity, saving money, earning money, sharing wisdom with my children, family and friends and having a healthy, happy, productive life.

Go for GREAT

GO for GREAT”                                              (borrowed from so many great mentors)

I get up at 4:30 am daily.

I embrace the day with positive thoughts and goals.  I feel invincible!

I practice Ho’oponopono mantra, I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you

I live in Easy World, Breathe, Relax, Allow, Enjoy.

I step into Confidence, feel the rush of new day energy in all parts of my body.

I listen to my own voice reading my vision.  I record on iphone, play it back while getting ready.            My positive affirmations.  My WHY.  Description of my next year as the best year yet.  

What is my perfect 12 hour day?  I utilize all my senses, touch, smell, sight, sound and taste the details.

I practice self care and Gratitude Journal entries morning or night before bed. 

I keep lists of wants, desires, grateful, business partners, potential prospects, big dream items.

I focus on the ones who want to work with me, and love the rest.

I offer facebook entries, write a blog, share the pictures and notes from the Universe.

I enjoy at my Vision Board for pictures of my travel destinations, my business ideas, my automobile, my adventures, powerful action words, wealth, vibrant health, global purpose and other lifestyle images.

I create Story.  Write, paint, quilt, craft, inspire, revise, and believe the details. 

The thoughts I think today are my future realities.  I believe in myself and celebrate my magnificence.

I meditate as part of a global community.  We are all one and each one of us matters to each one of us.

I read inspirational books, listen to audible stories & books, motivational speakers.  I savour quotes.

Practice New Habits.  A small seemingly inconsequential shift of 1% every day makes 100% in 100 days.

I take steps, one at a time, with my eye on the goal, the visioImagen and the big dream.  I reach the top.

Other people’s opinions are none of my business.  What matters is what I think and what I learn for me.

Today is the tomorrow I thought about yesterday.  Tomorrow is the result of what I think about today. 

I get plenty of rest, 6 to 9 hours, whatever is needed. 

I get to the weight I love and stay there.  Conscious eating and healthy choices keep me at my goal.

I dress for success.  I meet new people and respect the sweet spot of first impressions in relationship.