My Heroine lives here

A heroines house 
Invited in, I feel like a celebrity. I have never really imagined being friends with one of the top very few women mentors in my life. It evolved.  
Years ago, young , naive and not very awake, I met a woman that would change my life. She was and is strikingly beautiful in every sense of how that can be perceived. She stands in her power as I have never known another human.  
The sound of her voice and the tone of her message, the call to action of hope and peace and love is heard all over the planet.  
I heard it probably 25 plus years ago. I found the courage and resources to invite her to speak in our town, to our women and to further enrich my life. I did not know then what I know now …. How can we ever?
She came and she spoke and she changed the world. She planted seeds of such wisdom and power – a life changing message heard by adults and teens hungry for the tonic.
I, like countless others, have grown to a mighty oak nurtured by suns rays and wonderful love for decades …. I wave gently now in the breeze of knowing and providing shade and comfort. All I needed to do was grow. The universe and nature did the rest. I paid attention.
And here I sit tonight. In her warm inviting Vancouver home, as a house guest. I am delighted to hear her every word, even still, from distant knowing that only truth and love are spoken here.  
She has a home of unique character and one of the most fantastic bathrooms I have ever seen. A door out to a patio with a view of this beautiful city and the lights twinkling and stars peppered in the darkness overhead. A clear beautiful evening with a cool breeze.
The bathroom has a tub of marvellous proportions, tiled flooring, a sink with an off set drain to one side. Home made folksy art work hangs on the mustard colored painted and slightly textured walls, placed between the many door ways and bathing fixtures. Magic.  
Twin skylights reflecting city streetlights and car headlights; movement in the nights darkness. A wooden door with glass panes adorned with silk curtain panels tied at the bottom to a rod securely fastened; old glass doorknobs. A full size mirror showing light and beauty to the on-looker. The under sink cupboard of lovely aged wood, matching ceramic painted knobs of uniform size.
As I brush my teeth in preparation to sleep under this roof in this guest room in this Vancouver home, the home of my mentor, I step out on the wooden deck. I take a deep breath and marvel at my life. The journey that brought me here. I am smiling and happiness is the only emotion I feel.
 I have found myself befriended by a woman that has changed the world and inspired me to do no less.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.