Yesterday I Learned ……

Yesterday I learned ….

I spent a few months working 7 days a week sandwiched between two awesome vacations. What did I learn? What did I do with my next day off? What did I learn from that? How will my life be different from this day forward?

I have a big dream. I want to travel the world with my family, friends and future friends. I want to write about it. I want to inspire other women to live the same life, if they want it. That is it. When I think of this passion of mine, I get energized.

I almost salivate: my heart races; my mind takes off in different directions focused on the details of my life from all my senses, as if I am living that dream right now in this moment. I am traveling and exploring and writing and sharing with women around the world. This life is not only my dream, it is my reality. I am living my dream. I am there right now, in this moment.

In order to afford this life, I work a full time job (doing a job I love) and I have two home based businesses. One of the businesses is as a travel consultant. I assist people to live their travel dreams.

In my spare time, and I have lots of it …. (just like every one else), I prioritize my time. I listen to inspirational speeches, I read business tips from experts and I attend motivational speakers when I can. I practice creativity. I put myself in the path of learning all the techniques and “secrets” of how to live my dream.

There are people who are very skilled in some areas that I want to learn. There are some very successful business minds who have learned from experts and are happy to share this information. I am a willing and happy motivated recipient. I don’t just want to know how to do it, I want to know what to stop doing.

Of course everyone has the same number of hours in a day to accomplish the tasks that come with living. Not everyone gets the same results. Each person gets to explore and discover their own unique passion, and set a plan. What I have come to understand is that I love to do the tasks that I am good at and that energize me.

My job is to stick to my passion, my strengths, my genius, my play and give up doing those things that zap my energy and take from my life’s dream.

Love Pam

One Week Ago

One week ago

I have been back for less than a week from one of the most significant trips so far in my life. This week I was at work catching up, I am a youth probation officer in a custody center in British Columbia, Canada and have been in that profession for more than 26 years.

For fun and enrichment of my life I travel. I am a home based consultant with Expedia CruiseShipCenters and I feel it is my work to travel on my vacations to experience the world and what it has to offer. In order to explain and recommend to my friends, family and loyal customers, I want to really have some first hand expertise that I can share. Taking a vacation every 6 weeks is just good business and good self care!

One of the great finds, a small luxurious cruise line, with the worlds most famous ocean liner, Cunard. I sailed with Cunard in the fall in Europe, checking out ports of Greece, Turkey and Italy to name a few. I loved it. I decided to book the iconic transatlantic crossing on board the Queen Mary 2 in January 2013. Wow! It is a “must do” for a bucket list. In fact so much of what I experienced on this trip is bucket list material.

We flew to New York, overnighted and enjoyed a quick introduction to Times Square in Manhattan. This is a sight I will never forget. Lights and excitement of the city that never sleeps, only days after the ball dropped signaling the new year, with one and a half million people gathered in person to watch!

We embarked on the most beautiful ocean liner and sailed past the Statue of Liberty and the skyline of New York as we sailed to the port city of Southampton, England. On route I enjoyed daily watercolor painting classes, ballroom dance lessons and enrichment lectures as well as made friends with some amazing people on the journey.

Stonehenge has long been on my list to see. We arrived in England with a sightseeing excursion arranged for this magnificent experience. We ventured in to Salisbury, saw and toured the cathedral and saw the original Magna Carte. Wow!

We cruised back to New York on Cunard’s Queen Victoria. We spent two sunny glorious days in this fabulous city. We saw Broadway shows each night, we ate in wonderful restaurants, stayed in a great affordable hotel in Times Square, visited and reconnected with friends, shopped in the famous Macy’s, toured Central Park, Harlem and the garment district, just to name a few highlights. I love New York and look forward to revisiting one day.

I recommend a trip like this to completely get away from daily routine. Seeing the world is always a great idea and cruising is the most amazing vacation I know.

Stay tuned for my next adventure!

Love Pam



New York on Saturday

New York on Saturday

I had the best day. After that amazing breakfast, it just kept getting better. We took the bus to Macy’s department store. Did you know the founders died on Titanic? In memory, there is a clock set to the time the ship sank, in honor, and it hangs outside one of the main doors to Macy’s. We found and purchased a blue shirt for Steve in the men’s section of the store. We threw out the one needing laundry!

Then we hopped on the bus heading to the uptown area, around Central Park, through Harlem and past all the museums and universities. We had a very entertaining and informative tour guide. He pointed out the homes of some of the homes in high rises of the very rich and famous.

Off the bus at Central Park and the Plaza Hotel about 2 pm

Imperial theatre on w 45 st to see Nice Work If You Can Get It starring Mathew Broderick! It was fantastic. It was Gershwin music and choreography was all the best. What a great night out in New York.

Stardust Memories

Stardust memories

We stopped quickly for decaf skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks. Noticed the temperature is much warmer than yesterday and the sun is beautiful in the clear sky. Posted on Internet.

Walked next door to Ellen’s Stardust Diner. A retro cafe with fabulous menu and all the wait staff sing! Omg, serenaded and entertained while waiting for omelets. More and more songs. Oldies, celebrations, and with feeling. 15 staff all trying to get discovered, the management pays for singing, acting and dancing lessons for them all! A duo, young woman and man sang the duet from The Little Shop of Horrors. The name of the song was Suddenly Seymour, and they stood on the back of the booth i was sitting in. Almost tears in my eyes as the experience overtook me. I strongly recommend this place. 1650 Broadway. We could not get in last night but breakfast is super busy too ….. Saturday morning in the city that never sleeps. What fun. I love my life.