Bon Giorno, Ciao

Ciao Bella’s, Bon Giorno

Last night our bella donnas from the Italian trip in September 2014 met again. Organized by our lovely leader, Janie, we all decided to sup Italiano style together in Victoria BC.

We live in the most beautiful city in Canada, some say. Although born in Nova Scotia, I have been moving further west and finally ten years ago found my home in this fine city. Restaurants are plentiful. The sunrises and vistas around the city as well as sea scapes and beaches are breathtaking.

I have recently moved to a high rise apartment in the James Bay area behind the Parliament buildings. Right now, as I write in the wee hours, I am enjoying the city lights as morning prepares to arrive. Soon the sky line will be punctuated with brilliant orange, pink and yellow contrasting with the myriad shades of sky blue. I am truly blessed.

Back to the meal, while tasty and enjoyable, was far surpassed by the company of five talented, warm, fun loving and entertaining women friends who came together to enjoy each other’s company. We miss our closeness from the trip, where group hugs happened before we retired to bed every night.

Last night on the street, in full view of the world, we continued the ritual. Feeling once again the warmth of friendship and the memory of travel, we embraced and shared caring phrases that promise of a future of long friendship and a past of a trip none of us will ever forget.

In many ways, our Italian adventure was a trip of a lifetime for all of us, certainly me. The Italian living for more than two weeks with local foods, sight seeing, cultural, art and music particular to the country, and the togetherness of new friends who got along famously and as if we had known each other another lifetime in that magical place.

With little tears in my eyes I offer great thanks to my travelling friends. I know there is more fabulous travel planned for us.

I invite you to join us.

In a few weeks I fly to San Juan Puerto Rico for ten days in the sunny Caribbean with ten new travel friends. I know there is room for more. Back before the winter holidays. In March 2015, a twenty two day trip to South America and included is a week on the mighty and beautiful Amazon River. So far, a dozen have committed to travel with me and a few more still in the wings looking for travel companions.

I am returning to Italy every year, hopefully. I go back to Italy once again in October 2015 on route to a few weeks in the south of France, and after my beautiful Greece and Turkey cruise …. And then Italy revisited, planned for September 2016, with some of my favorite bella friends.

For now dear ones,

Ciao ciao, ti amo