Top Ten TIPS for living the Life of your DREAMS


  1. VISION: Dream big, set goals and take steps every day in the direction of your dreams.  Plan your success and when off course, re-focus and get back on track.  Make your dreams visual and exciting.  See, feel, hear, taste and touch your dreams, as if you are already living that life.  Strong emotion is included in your vision in order for it to be powerful.  Look at where you are going every day.  Don’t quit.
  2. CONSCIOUSNESS: meditation, listen to inspiration, gratitude practice, journal, blog, read.  Be present to your life.  Eat and do routine tasks in a mindful way.  Notice your world.
  3. GROWTH:  Be inspired, hang out with people who are doing what you admire, read books, attend seminars and workshops, invest in personal development, try something new.
  4. MAKE DECISIONS:  I read this recently, if it is not “HELL YES!” then it is “NO”:  Make decisions and stick with it.  Don’t quit.  Don’t worry about what other people think. 
  5. BE HEALTHY:  Commit to consuming healthy products and foods, drink more water, take supplements that work (  Eat veggies, lots of them.  Check out what is current in science.  Stay away from sugars, starches and unhealthy fats as much as possible.  Lean proteins, healthy omega fats daily.  Exercise daily, including walking.  Eat less food, drink more water (it is worth repeating!).
  6. ATTITUDE:  Practice happiness, gratitude, kindness, smiling, generosity, forgiveness and self love every day, everywhere and with everyone!  Explore and find your inner gifts and let go of old negative messages you carry around.  Develop a spiritual practice and feel as one with all humanity.  Develop a strong positive self image and see how the world changes in your eyes.
  7. FAMILY and FRIENDS:  If you had 30 days to live, who would you spend it with?  Make them a priority.  Honor and show up for special events.  Be the one who brings people together.  Enjoy.
  8. TRAVEL:  See the world.  Walk where people have changed the world before you.  Learn about other cultures, without judgment.  See the beauty of other people and places.  Learn other languages.  Be a global citizen.  Join me with “WomenHoldingHandsAroundTheWorld”.  Check out my website:
  9. SPIRITUAL PRACTICE:  Believe and have faith. 
  10. TIME:  No one has more time than you do, every day.  How do you spend it?  Select wise time management strategies to get it all done.  Get up earlier in the morning and spend time on personal development.  I read it takes 10,000 hours to develop a skill, truly.    What are you investing your time doing?  “If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got.”

How to set and achieve your VISION

VISION:  compelling, words, pictures, thoughts, feelings for your future.  Who do you want to be and what do you want to be doing?  With whom?  How does it feel to be there?  (think of athlete preparing for Olympics)  EVERYTHING starts with a fantasy or dream ….  What is yours?  You can keep building.



GOALS:  Simple, measurable, achievable, time limited.  Use numbers, have from 3 to 5 in total.  All fit in with your vision.  If you can’t think of a number, then try using a range from 1-10, measure now and where you want to be in what time period.  You can use amount of money you wish to have, number of countries you want to visit, number of weeks in foreign country, how many friends you want to travel with, number of $ invested, date you want to retire and with what income, etc.



ACTIVITIES or STRATEGIES: you will use to reach each goal.  No more than 2 or 3 strategies for each goal.  Multiple streams of income, start a home based business, invest in real estate market, consult a financial planner, investigate network marketing companies, research travel opportunities, start a meetup group to exchange ideas with others and expand social network, etc.  Consider efficiency, several goals can have the same activity!



MASTERMIND:  Who you hang out with determines to a large part how you see yourself and how supported you are to reach your highest and best.  Select wisely, identify, invite and consult with 5 or more key successful people (alive or not) that you want to live life like.  Write them down, what are the key features of each, what do you want to learn from them.  Do what you need to do based on their advice.


TAKE ACTION:  Daily reminders to take action steps, start with very small steps always toward the goal and in alignment with the vision.  20 seconds of Courage, 10,000 hours to be competent at a new skill (play piano, skilled in a sport, writing, painting, course of study, etc)

EVALUATION and REFOCUS:  When and how often to review the vision, goals and strategies.  Ask yourself “Is this working?” “How do I know if this is effective?”, if not effective toward your goals, then let it go.  “What else can I do that will lead me to the desired end?”.  Ask others to assist by stating 5 words that describe you.  Consider not only how you are seeing yourself and also how others (MM) view you.  Always check your numbers.  Never quit.  Refocus and align.  Do not try to head in different directions at the same time.  Create a visual map, mark your progress and celebrate successes! ReAlign!Image

Why should I talk to a travel consultant?

Thanks to Jeremy McLeod for these Top 10 Reasons to consult with a Travel Professional:


10 Reasons to Book With A Cruise Professional


1. Travel consultants have been proven in studies to consistently provide their clients with the best value-for-money in their travel spending.
2. Only travel agencies in BC pay into the provincial BC Travel Assurance Fund, so your funds are protected only when you book your travel arrangements with a BC registered travel agency.
3. Travel consultants provide full service and professional advice. We have been to, or had training on the destinations we sell.
4. Travel consultants can help out in a case of an emergency, or disruption of your travel arrangements. A website somewhere in the USA is not going to help. “Without a travel agent, you’re on your own”
5. Most airfares can be booked and held by travel agents for at least a day, sometimes weeks, until payment and ticketing required. With us you can hold seats, confirm or modify your plans, then pay, vs. instant purchase with an online company
6. Travel agents excel at complex itineraries, as well as, expert and detailed land arrangements.
7. Travel Agents can access charter flights, package vacations, tours, etc that are not bookable on the internet.
8. Travel agents handle all your supplemental arrangements, such as travel insurance, advise on passports and visas, foreign entry requirements, assigning seats, requesting special meals, etc
9. Travel Agents strive to provide their clients unbiased advice, and a full range of options, whereas most large, multinational travel websites have corporate backers biasing their options.
10. Doing business with your local travel agent supports the BC economy, as at least a small portion of your travel dollars stay local, vs. large, corporate travel websites based in Eastern Canada or USA.


Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Control of your Weight


  1. Weigh your self every morning, naked and before you eat or drink.  You will keep track of your progress and slippage and therefore take corrective action before it gets out of control.  This is not an aid to “guilt”, but rather immediate information for you and confidence building.  With a goal that the scale never goes up.  Slow steady progress and plateaus are the goal.
  2. Supplementation is key for successful and healthy weight loss.  Liquid calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, antioxidants are just a few that help your body keep up with activities of the day.  If you can’t feel the difference, then try another brand.  I use Univera products because I can feel the difference they make.  Additionally, I take a multivitamin, Omega, and a high quality low carb greens.  As a reminder, take vitamins and supplements when you brush your teeth (keep them near your toothbrush in bathroom so you don’t forget).  Don’t forget to take them with you when traveling.  Check out and compare: .
  3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water each and every day.  Try drinking one before you eat and one after.  It helps you feel full and will aid digestion.  Water also helps flush out toxins.
  4. Eat at least 4 smaller meals every day.  Start with the largest meal of the day at breakfast and get smaller as the day progresses.  Most meals consist of a lean protein and lots of veggies.
  5. Before you go to bed, between 8 pm and 10 pm, eat a very easy to digest protein food.  Such as a shake or drink made from lean low carb (no sugar) low fat protein powder such as whey isolate or soy protein.
  6. Eat veggies.  LOTS of them.  Above ground veggies such as green peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, zucchini, celery … all good choices.   (corn and beans not on the list).  Make veggies your friends!
  7. Get a little kitchen scale.  Purchase and prepare your veggies every week in advance.  Weigh out two times 8 oz (by weight) veggies for each day of the week.  Use them in soups, stir fries, salads and in omelets.  Eat them for snacks.  When you eat this many veggies you will be full enough.
  8. Find a veggie you love (for me it is cucumber) and always have some with you.  When you are driving, commuting, working late.  When you travel search out a store and buy cucumber or fennel or ???  to eat as you go.  Top with black pepper and pink sea salt for a change.
  9. Release your urge and habit to eat foods high in carbs (such as sugar and flour, potatoes, pasta and rice).  READ INGREDIENTS.  If you want to salt your food, use pink sea salt if you can find it.  Use spices that you love and stay away from spices with sugar and extra ingredients that you don’t want or need.
  10. When you “treat”, get right back on the program.  It will become a lifestyle habit and you will feel more energy and be pleased with the results.  Let go of any guilt …. Love your sweet self exactly as you are.  Daily viewing in all your nakedness will help you stay in love and on the program. ***********BONUS:*****  One pound of butter is a great visual.  When next in the grocery store, take a look at the butter section and see how many pounds you have released of that fat.  One glass bottle of Perrier is 3 pounds, when full.  I walked around the grocery store holding 4 of them in my hands when I released 12 pounds.  Eventually as I released 75 pounds, I put Perrier bottles (refilled with tap water) on a tray and I was unable to lift the tray!!!  I was dragging that excess fat around with me for years.   Feel the freedom to be yourself!

Dream Travel Tips


  1. Pick up magazines that are laying around.  Travel agencies often don’t mind if you take some home.  Get together with friends.  Share and help each other find those special pictures.  Talk about stories from travels past and future dreams.  Cut and paste.  Create a DREAM TRAVEL BOARD.  Cover a book, use construction paper, use an old picture frame.  You don’t need to spend any money to make the most magnificent TRAVEL  DREAM  BOARD.
  2. Read books, look at magazines in the Doctors office or hair salon, search online, read travel blogs.  Go to library and book stores to browse what costs you nothing.  Virtual shopping, checking out Pinterest and Lonely Planet just looking at places that attract you.
  3. See yourself there.  Don’t be attached to when or with whom.  Be open to opportunities.  Visualize.
  4. Notice and seek out conversations about travel, about people who want to travel.  You can join Meetup groups (free) in most communities and all large cities.
  5. Talk to certified financial advisors who will offer you FREE consultation on how to get $$ available for your travel dream.  Talk to people who have the life you want (not the family or friends who will make you feel you can’t succeed.  YOU CAN SUCCEED)  Believe in yourself and your dreams!
  6. Consider alternate and additional sources of income.  One such example might be a home based business.  Perhaps in relationship marketing, or coaching, teaching something you love?  Learn about the options and shop for FREE advice from professionals.
  7. Talk to an accountant and get advice on possible tax breaks, write off’s and options for your new part time business opportunities.  Select your method for increasing your income specific to your travel dreams.
  8. GET STARTED!  Today, small investment now.  Take some online training (FREE) and get some coaching from your selected Mastermind Group.
  9. Talk to me about your availability, refer to your friends and family.  Invite and start packing!
  10. TRAVEL … get out there.  Experience the world.  Blog, take pictures, and get ready to live the life of your dreams.

From Curiosity to Competence, The ABC’s of Success

From Curiosity to Competence, the ABC’s of Success

A              Art- attract – automatic pilot – awareness – Aloe

B              Be – become – beliefs – bounce back – business- bold

C              Commitment – continuous – curious – courage – consistent – confident – cucumber – cruise – curiosity – clear – coaching – capacity – complete – competent – calm – connected – compatible – contribution – courageous

D              Duplicate – dialogue – delegation – dance

E              entrepreneur – empowered – effectiveness – emotions – experience – enthusiastic

F              foundation – fundamentals – focus – forgiveness – flow – feelings – faith – fun

G             grounded – growth – greens – gold

H             Ho’oponopono – healthy – hope – happy – happening –

I               inner game – imagine – influence – intentional – impact – insight – identity – interviewing – inspire – inspire – increase – income

J               Joy – journal

K              Kindness – keys

L              learning – love – leadership – loyalty – life – live – Leaders –

M             Management – meta greens – modeling – mastery – mindset – manage – magnet – meaningful – magnificence – mastermind – meditation – Matol – marketing – money – mornings – marvelous –

N             Network – Now – notice -newsletter

O             Open – offer

P              Passion – prospecting – personal – planning – practice – perspective – pattern

Q             Query – questions

R              Reflection – ready

S              Steps – stand – Self – strong – shift – space – strategize – significant – support – self care – systems – successful – skill – story – Sharma – sales – simplicity –

T              Team – time – training – Tango – travel – thoughts – top ten tips

U             Univera – Universe

V              Vision – values – Vitale – vital – variety

W            Whealthy – wealth – willingness – weight management – white board

X              Xtra

Y              You Were Born Rich –

Z              Zero Limits –