It can be a challenge to follow through and that is what it means to commit.  Through the days when the old patterns in the brain just want to go back to the way it once was.  Our WHY is what keeps us going in the direction we vision and taking the steady steps as we climb.

I am talking about meditation, for me.  I have started up meditation a few different times in my life, actually I am kind of embarrassed to mention how many times.  I listened to a podcast or something like that, with Oprah interviewing Deepak Chopra and he said he meditates every day, and has done for 40 years.  I listen to the wisdom that flows effortlessly from him.  I am sure it was not effortless 39 years and 350 days ago. 

The beginning of the commitment and the actual practice of change is where the effort must lie.  The vital steps begin here and start the clearing of a new path of thought and behavior.  New pathways in the brain begin.  We sometimes start and then abandon, let it rest and then go back to work on the project again.  I have a visual of clearing the brush for a new path through the forest.  I can go back there and find the evidence of my beginnings and can keep building.  The new path needs maintenance to remain clear and to become the new road of habit.

My commitment to self is to meditate daily: 5 or 10 and more minutes every day for 40 years.  I started the 21 day Challenge and am continuing with these powerful messages and times of relaxing, breathing and being one on my road to self peace and ultimately world peace.

Thank you for reading, and joining me on this journey.  For those of you who practice Ho’oponopono, “I love you; I am sorry; Please forgive me; Thank you”.

Random thought … Truism

Walking Meditation is such a wonderfully grounding experience.

Greater Victoria Labyrinths

Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh …

Here is a great video that expresses one perspective of walking to connect

Great Victoria Community – We at long to share with you spaces that you can connect to that brings you special beauty to stop, connect and listen inwardly when walking.

Let’s kiss our soil!

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