What is so great about Love Notes?


Who loves to hear from family and friends and new acquaintances that they brought joy into another person’s life? 

I am guessing the answer is “everyone”!  In my work, my day job, I work with people who seldom hear good words, kind words and words of encouragement.  One could imagine that is how they came to work with me.  I am a Probation Officer and I love my career.

In my 30 years in the business of helping others I have learned a few simple strategies.

  1. Find a quality you like and notice it in others, and tell them about it.
  2. Be genuine in your approach and always be in service to the other person.
  3. Never give up and never give in to discouragement.
  4. Be to the other, as you want the other to be to you.
  5. Be the best daughter, mother, partner, authority, employee and friend that you know how.
  6. Apologize when you have done something wrong.
  7. Keep in touch, keep the door open and let people know they matter.
  8. Hang out with people you want to be like.  Offer them your service.
  9. Join a business where you get compensated for personal development growth.
  10. Send love notes to everyone, as often as you can and try to do it every day.


I love you.  I am sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.

Duplication of Success

You see, it is all about DUPLICATION.  There are steps to understand and follow.  A system is in place from the combined experience and training of many, many people years. 

The first step is to invite.  To be a role model of authenticity in all that we are.  I show up in the belief that I am successful.  I am a product of the product and feel my super powers from my experience.  I have seen the business model and tried it on.  I know many who have found brilliant life changing success and they are my mentors.  I learn from them.  I have a strong compelling vision and reason for doing what I do.  I want to make a significant contribution in my family, with my friends and in the world.  I stand strong in my vision and my “why”. 

I study the science from a beginners mind.  I suspend my previous history and listen for the brilliance of new science; new discoveries and new exploration in a world and practice that has never been my strength.  I recognize the skills in others and I am curious and want to learn from them. 

I wonder who will see what I see?  And more important, can they and will they be able to see through their own lens?  Can they be open to the possibility of life altering science?  Can they see the miracle of the human body and what helpful plants can do to assist the body to heal itself; to be exposed to new research and new possibility of how life, aging and caring for others can be different?  Can I be patient with those who take a little longer to see the message?  Invite and assist them to see the possibility and opportunity.  Pick them up, make it easy.  Show up in their lives and accompany them to see what you see.

And for those who see the science and brilliance of this company, who can see how sharing it with others is simply the practice of duplicating this system; of asking questions to others and wondering who else wants to have a life altering experience?  Who else wants to know that there are preventative ways of living and aging gracefully?  Who else wants to make slight alterations in what they do to witness the human body in its full glory?  Who else wants a weight management system that produces visible results and that is holistic and healthy?  Who else wants to slow down the impact of aging on their body?  Who else wants what I am having?

Enroll.  Take action.  Take the steps necessary, either as a customer or as a business associate to fully take advantage of a no risk system for 90 days.  Experience renewal from the products, or get your money back.  What?  No risk, only possibility?  If I don’t see and feel a difference within myself, I can get my money back?  What is this company?  What is the brilliance of this offer?  Keep asking questions and being open to see how the body transforms and how the business model of sharing and duplication can be an opportunity.

Who do you know who is looking for something?   With key questions, most people will tell you the changes they are looking for in their lives.  Lots of people are not even aware this opportunity exists.  Most people do not know about the science and the opportunities.  Is there a list of loved ones who could really benefit from what you know?  If you saw the best movie or read the most life changing book, would you hesitate to share it with the people you care most about?  That is the process.  Don’t tell them the punch line of the book or the movie; encourage them to read and experience it for themselves to get the full impact, without your lens.  The same is true for introducing Univera.

Training is a vital part of any new venture.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Do you remember your first job?  Did you need training?  Did you need to learn new techniques and skills for any new thing you have tried; hobbies, employment, leadership, reading and to walk?  This business is no different; we all need training to be successful.  Be open and attend all events so that you can learn from others, to meet successful people doing what you want to do.  Be available to make this part of your business a success.  Training is not hard, it is urgent and it is important if you want to experience success along with your enthusiasm.

Reality check; some people are not ready.  Some people want to hold on tight to their lifestyle and limitations.  Is that OK?  Of course it is.  We don’t take it personally.  We keep the offer open.  If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got.  The same is true of others.  And one day, the light may shine in and they will see what you are doing.  The stronger you show up as a leader and living your authentic self, the more light you shine for others.

Find this community, be open to the possibility, be a product of the product, experience health and vitality like never before, improve your financial situation at the pace you want, take advantage of the training, feel the success of duplication and hold on for the ride of your life!!



Vision Statement: a work in progress

I love you.  I am sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.

I am incredibly grateful and happy to be living on purpose, joyfully and with ease. I am deeply appreciated and loved.  Every day something wonderful happens.

By showing up and playing full out in my extraordinary life of service and passion filled fun adventures; I create a movement.  I inspire dream vacations of a lifetime with my family, friends, soul sisters and with women holding hands around the world.  I walk where women have walked before me; I am a leader in this community; I truly make a difference.  HerWayTravel is respected and shared globally. The best for women is the best for all.

I am blown away by my financial abundance having attracted a rapidly growing network of capable, committed, creative, visionary and super successful business partners who share Blue Diamond affluence, vibrant health and vitality, and global purpose through relationship in Univera.

Contributing in a meaningful way to world peace, I consciously practice caring communication including mindfulness, generosity, loving-kindness, visualization, journaling and Ho’oponopono.

Embracing change, I take profound focused action each day in the direction of my dreams by celebrating my insights, breaking through to my authenticity and standing strong and bold in my confidence and brilliant self image.

I greet each moment with open curiosity, courage, compassion, optimism, enthusiasm, excitement and expectancy.

I am living my dream by connecting to yours: world travel, financial ease, vital energy and deepening relationships.

I love you.  I am sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.