Hello world!

Dearest journal and true self, herein I capture some thoughts of my life-journey. My travel diaries.
Thursday 18 June 2009, 8:30 am, BC Ferries en route to Vancouver from Victoria, BC, Canada, my home.
And so it begins. Day 1 of my international and solitary journey to Europe!!
Just a short time ago, seems like a lifetime, I turned 50 years of age and decided I wanted to have an adventure and “one day” to go to Paris. What is it about Paris?? Paris is the movies, romance, bridges, tourist capital of the world. Paris is pink lights, strong women, “French Kiss”, “Sabrina” and many more delights. Paris is the unknown and the knowable. Paris is to be experienced, for its history and its stories of times gone by.
I put it out there. I said it out loud. I made no plans, I just said “someday, for myself, in honor of turning 50, I want to go to Paris”. A bucket list entry. A goal with no plan, and outcome and measure of having arrived at pivotal point in my life. I said it out loud. Is that all it takes? A secret I would have loved to have known in earlier years! Perhaps that is the magic of 50. Finally the light comes on. Like in the bottom right corner of my net book lap top (bought for the purpose of this journey and diary) as it is plugged in to gain power from its source. A bright light bulb pictured in the bottom left. On and not very obvious, but giving power to the diary. Just in that same way, I put the idea out there, let is sit and see what comes.
Only 2 months ago I started thinking of becoming a travel agent. Well actually, the truth be told – and if nothing else, this journal should be the truth – I had fleeting thoughts of being a travel agent for a few years …. difference being, I did nothing about it till a few months ago. Visions of cruises, of being able to pay for travels to exotic places, being able to pay down my credit card <grin> also used for travel purposes and other necessity purchases! I will likely write about the term “necessity” in a future diary entry!! THAT is a whole other story!! Finally I pushed the send button to start asking about “what if” and “can I?”. Jeremy answered the call. He invited me into the travel world. Most gracious thanks to Jeremy on this special day, the day this particular voyage begins.
Through a series of risk taking, by asking for this trip when I was not even completed training, had no sales, not even a business card!! Gutsy??? No, my mother was behind me. She encourages, she says “what have you to lose by just asking?”. Indeed. Had I not asked, I would not be on this ferry this very day heading for such a great adventure. Another big thank you now and always to my mother. A whole book could be written on my mother – perhaps every mother would have one, even me!! Motherhood is the world of giving and loving. That is the short form and the longest story of all. The most prized of all human life experiences. Perhaps dads can never know this – no one truly can, except every mother!! I am grateful most in my life for my mother and for motherhood. I think I will write that book one day too.
Back to this day, this journey, this diary entry. I hope this trip to be about consciousness. To take pictures with my mind, to sit still and take it all in. To let the imprint of every moment that can be made real, bond with me, by my sitting still with the vibrations of life all around me. To see the world as my filter will let me – to hold it for just a moment. A moment in time. Funny, my light bulb in the bottom right corner just came back on. Coincidence?? Does this net top have a brain?? Can it read my thoughts as it prints my words?? Hmmmmmmm!!! More magic!
The end of first page, the last line before a clean white page comes up for me to fill with thoughts.1
OK – so it moved it to the second page <smile> I guess I can keep going.
I am looking out at the islands in this wonderful ocean crossing. The trees, the herons, other shore birds and sea gulls. Blue sky, fluffy white clouds. Between me and that scene, is some large bright green suitcases … (again, a gift from my mother) holding my clothes and other possessions for the journey ahead. What do you pack for a trip of this magnitude?
My itinerary includes today – a full day in Vancouver at the airport. I will be picked up at the ferry by dear friend Darlene. She will drive me to the airport so I can get my bright green luggage logged and into the secure envelope ready for my departure much later this afternoon. Then, yes, a full day at the International airport in Vancouver. Did I ever tell you one of my favorite things to do is be at airports and watch people?? Looks like I get my big chance!!! Today. Shoe watching, faces and hurrying people off to pick up, drop off, to kiss, to say tearful goodbyes. Ahhhhhh the day has many new awakenings for me!
Then I fly with KLM a Dutch airline to Europe. Some 9 hours and change over the vast country to another airport. There, in Amsterdam I will wait a bit and then catch a quick 1-1/2 hour flight to my destination Nuremburg Germany. I will stay at a lovely hotel for a few days – hopefully get some much needed sleep. Find some “gluten free” food, I know it sounds like “Guten” so maybe I will be in luck!! Elwyn arrives in a few days ………. we board the river cruise on 22 June and a week of sailing will end in lovely Paris.
Much to write between now and then. Many clothes to wear – back to the green luggage!! Lime green luggage says “look at me”, “don;t lose me in the crowd”, “see me, I am here – I have arrived”. (Light bulb again!!). Inside it holds dressy clothes, sandals, comfy clothes, jamies, hats, more shoes, bathing suit, scarves and prized possessions such as jewellery.
Well, in trying to stay conscious, I need to go use the facilities – they are free in this country!! I expect to have to carry change with me and lots of it in the new / old Europe .. more on that later!! We will call that the “Bathroom chapter”, also a factor of turning 50!!! <smile>


Pamela MacDonald