Cinque Terre

16 Porto Venere and CinqueTerre

Water taxi at10 am, loved little port city Proto Venere, including tourist booh and clean public toilettes! We look forward to walking some more there when we return later today.

Cool breeze out on water. Not a cloud in sky, hot hot by 10 am. Sitting inside ou of the sun beside window with breeze. Can see high steep terraced land and the odd hat blown off someone’s head that is sitting up front in the direct wind. An offering gratefully. Accepted by the sea. Last time I visited this part of the world, I took a train from LaSpizia with the womens travel club. It was hot. We were not able to do it today as no train from Porto Venere and I am grateful for this small but significant difference.

I look around at the wardrobe choices of the folks on this vacation taxi. I spy one of the colourful towns out the far side window. Colourful and built in to the steep hillside cliff. Golds, pink, peach, yellow, green, tan, beige, red.

Gluten free pizza, focaccia and torte in Manorola, second stop. Awesome … Very excited. Got post cards and stickers as well. Seems smaller than Rio Maggiore, which was our first top. Tons of steps up up and up. Then came down through tiny steps, a maze really, back to the shore. Water taxi gives us an hour at each stop. Two in the next one. And I will have something to nibble on! In France there was meringues, not so much in Italy that I have found. Not that I am starving :). Food is great on the cruise!

We have to eat focaccia on ferry to Monterossa …. Steve gets a beer or two. Stunningly beautiful blue sky with green slopes and rocky shores. Caves and tunnels visible. Coloured homes space on the cliff sides. The sea is bright blue and sparkling, inviting. Many people are here for the swimming and are wearing bathing suits.

Some evidence of fortresses.

Monterossa hot in the sun, followed by Vernazza and then back to the ship for evening festivities. What a glorious day on Cinque Terre!

Wish you were here,

Love Pamela

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