11 Lufthansa

Last leg of the journey to Nice. I was in Frankfurt several hours, got a room at the Hilton and had a nice sleep and refreshing shower. I purchased a Europe plug converter and bottle of water once through security.

It is a big airport and I have been here before. We saw a Starbucks but on other side of security and time is running out so we proceed without. No doubt we will find one around Nice.

I have had the good fortune to land exit rows and leg room on all segments of this flight adventure. How wonderful. Sometimes to feel abundance all we need to do is ask and be open.

This is a short flight to Nice, just over an hour. No movies, looks like wine is being served … Yes! The food is glutinous, pasta salad and bread, however I am carrying some almonds I purchased so I am good to do without this brief meal. I am certain there will be dining this evening in Nice. Sarah is already there.

White wine, water and lovely service. I like the yellow scarves. I love to stretch out my legs and relax in to the flight. I like to fly. I enjoy the travel experience even in foreign countries. Maybe even especially in European lands.

Tools for thought and staying in prosperity.
Morning pages, without fail, 3 x 8.5 x 11 first thing in morning
Counting all money in and out
Walking 20 minutes twice a week
Mindfulness 5 minutes twice a day as a time out
Abstinence from increasing debt


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