Dec 5, 2010 Breakfast in Barcelona


Dec 5, 2010 Breakfast in Barcelona

Having eaten a few breakfasts of protein bars and water, I was ready for something warm and tasty for breakfast. We had not purchased the breakfast buffet, or continental breakfast summoned by the tiny hotel sign in the lobby of Raco Del Pi. We wanted to venture out. We want to experience the sights, smells and flavor delights native to Barcelona. What do the Spanish eat? Where do they delight their senses? What food and habits provide them substance?

Spanish Omelet jumps out off the menu at me. In fact I noticed as we entered the sidewalk cafe on side street of Barcelona, on a sandwich sign, about the third item down, Spanish Omelet and coffee. I know they mean something different than Starbucks when they state “coffee”. They mean a thick brew of intense coffee flavor with a small mix of water, in a very tiny demi cup, on a saucer. It smells like coffee and it looks a bit like coffee might after several days of dehydration while sitting out on the counter. Black substance with a bit of froth from the addition of steaming hot water. Milk is offered on the side. Sugar in a long white package. The cost is prohibitive for coffee. In Canada and US coffee is a staple. In Europe it is more like a delicacy. A treat to be savored and carefully considered. Chosen for its full bodied flavor and intense kick. This coffee is a special event.

Spanish omelet is plain. Egg and potato mixed into a quiche like pan and baked. It comes out whole and is cut in pie shapes and served room temperature sometimes with toast. I have Tobasco sauce (no salsa is available) shaken on top to add zip and a bite of flavor.

Several mornings this has been the routine. Tomorrow we will skip this and chose to eat on board the Insignia cruise ship, which is in dry dock and just being refurbished for our cruise. That is how I chose to see this gift. We will dine on the ship. Our plan is to be up just after 6 am, shower and dress, last minute packing. Say a tearful goodbye to Sarah and Sergei. Steve will likely go for Starbucks coffee. He prefers his routine.

At 10 am Mom and Steve and I will take our plentiful luggage and high spirits and head off for early embarkation to the pier. Darlene and Joan have chosen to arrive when the most of guests do, for 3 pm embarkation. It is all so special no matter what the time.

Time to get some needed sleep and dream of another day of sailing, eating, and being grateful for my abundant life. Thanks to friends and family for their support and love.

“Beautiful ……… wish you were here”

love Pam


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