Catching up, at the airport

8- at the airport again

We have packed so much into our trip so far. After the kids left, we drove back to Wolfville and did some laundry. We gathered our things, salad and put on clothes for outdoor lobster fest at brother John’s place.

We arrived mid afternoon, still hot and sunny. Over 20 people there on premises and many more to arrive. They dribble in over a few hours as we sit, walk, chat, catch up and meet new people. All wedding guests, friends of bride, groom or both. Family including children, and pets all milling around. Beverages of all kinds, nibble food and my uncle made lobster chowder for a large gathering. It was amazing and he kept some gluten free separated for me. I share with the other gluten free women that I have met.

John has put aside many home made cider beverages, wine and other spirits are free flowing. Lawn chairs and tables set up in the yard.

Later afternoon the large cookers are heating up for the 50 (fifty) live lobsters John has invited to the feast. Large blue tarps laid on the lawn beside tables, to catch the shells of the consumed critters.

I go for a walk and have a great chat with Cindy about life in Port George and Nova Scotia as a retirement destination. It is great to spend time with her and catch up on her news.

A large feed, lobsters are consumed, with salads, breads, bevies and laughter. Melted butter for those who want even more cholesterol. The blue tarps hauled away after the meal and drippings off our arms.

Recycling is big and organized in Nova Scotia. I have noticed it on previous visits and no one even seems to notice anymore as there are four or five different categories to sort the refuse into.

Games on the lawn, and a large group gathers to watch the sun set over the Port George harbour, right behind the lighthouse, all within view of John’s beautiful summer home he uses year round. Picture after picture, each one better than the rest. I am reminded of Dewitt Jones and his encouragement that there is always more than one best shot. Keep waiting and keep shooting and see what shows up. More than one right answer. Good life learning message. Keep showing up for more brilliance.

Many shots, followed by gluten free cheesecake, wedding cake cutting, and hugs. We are on our way back to mom’s place to retire for the night, marking the end of our wedding activities.

Tracey commented on the quilt I have given them to mark their wedding date and celebration of love. Annapolis Valley Love is the title, and apples and colour mark the top. I have signed the back and dated with details from the wedding. Signed on behalf of our family, we share this quilt with them.

Love and gratitude to my family.


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