Travel with Love

I want special times with loved ones. My mom, my daughters, my partner and some very close friends. My DREAM vacation would be to have all of them together, surrounding me, on a cruise to somewhere fun. I am not even that particular where I go, just as long as I have them around me.

Over the past few years I have had wonderful experiences cruising with my partner (honeymoon cruise to Hawaii), then a girlfriend cruise (13 of us to Mexican Riviera), a couple of Alaska cruises, Hawaiian cruise with my mom (we met some fabulous new cruise buddies), one day coastal with my partner and another couple and a spring break week to the Caribbean with a great friend. I have future DREAM vacations with friends and family including Barcelona to Rio this December on Oceania, back to Caribbean for spring break 2011, Hawaii April 2011, and the Mediterranean on Oceania November 2011. A week long Wine Cruise on a Pacific Coastal in May 2012.

Travelling with my mom is one of my greatest delights. We spend quality time together doing what we love … talking, relaxing, shopping, eating, having a glass of wine, people watching, more relaxing and shopping. We enjoy the art gallery auctions, cooking classes, movies under the stars, sitting by the pool, evening entertainment, sight seeing … did I say shopping? Watching for whales and other sea life off the balcony, breakfast room service, afternoon tea, dress up for dinner, posing for fun pictures and of course, shopping.

I am looking forward to travel with my grandson, and sharing the world with him. What could be finer than him asking his “grammie” to take him on a child friendly cruise to somewhere – anywhere, just to be together, exploring the world.

Travel is special and it is the perfect opportunity to see the world with people you love. Pick a place that you can afford and a time that suits …. Allow the experts to help you with the details. It will fill you up with life affirming memories and never a regret. Time like this is value added to your life.