Dec 5, 2010 Last day in Barcelona


Dec 5 2010 Last day in Barcelona

Life is very very good. My “children” are safe at home and I am on vacation. This is a beautiful old city, we are visiting.

It is Sunday and quiet and sometimes the church bells can be heard not too very far away. The hotel is in a central and fabulous location. Right in the heart of the boutique shopping district. Restaurants selling tapas and wine, gelato and mousse, paella and seafood. It is very rich and satisfying food.

Perhaps even a bit too rich …. time to be a bit more sensible I guess, with food intake. Last evening the men bought wine and cheeses, meats, olives, pickles and loaves of bread for sharing. We sat in the open air courtyard at our lovely quaint hotel and hosted several other visitors who had made it through the air strike …. who are heading on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship for the mediterranean. We had a few laughs and lots of rich food and then walked out back to the lovely tapas place for mousse for dessert. It was amazing – and a bit too late to be eating like that.

My heart pounded and raced into the night. Today will be much calmer and restful.

Cleaning person is here to do up our room. Must sign off for now. More later. Tomorrow on the luxury cruise we have anticipated some 18 or more months. AHHHHHH … glad to be here. Glad to be with my mom, and Steve and friends. We are very fortunate to have our loved ones and our luggage around us.

Later, all.

Wish you were here!!

love P

One comment on “Dec 5, 2010 Last day in Barcelona

  1. Betty Hill says:

    Just read your blogs of your trip across the big pond. Wonderfully descriptive. Glad Shirley was able to join you on this fantastic trip.

    Merry Christmas to all, Hugs, B & J

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