Longing for the Beach

Love being on the beach
You know that place where your soul is at rest? That place that has the perfect recipe of sound, taste, smell, touch, and sight where you feel a deep sense of ‘home’?  
For me, that special of all special places is the beach. Last night I enjoyed a lovely walk barefoot ankle deep in soft cool sand, the sweet sound of rhythmic waves on shore, sea birds preparing for night activity, the yellow circle moon rising to its rightful place pulling on gravity, the scent of salt water mixed subtly with hazy smoke from the seasons forest fires, surrounded by the presence of my loving youngest daughter: Pamela’s idea of heaven.  
I find other special places, more numerous as I grow in years and experiences. My heart still seeks the sensory banquet that reminds me of some long ago, pre verbal and content place on this globe, that of the space where the sea water meets the shore.