New friends and travel

15 Azamazing Evening

30 July 2013 with our new friends Anne and Barb. They are travel consultants from Toronto area. We eat together and we have been meeting for drinks as well.

Today I went in to PortoFino with the gals, we stopped and enjoyed this beautiful harbour city. Very popular with the yachts and so some cafes and women’s shops. The gals drink prosecco, a kind of bubbly champagne from Italy. We logged on and swapped Facebook info and became ‘friends’.

After a few hours of walking around we purchased a one way ticket on a water taxi in a large yacht type ferry to Santa Margherita. We shopped there,and enjoyed water, wine and the girls ate Margherita pizza! It was great. Then we caught the tender boat as the Azamara Journey. Had moved its location and was now providing tenders from the new port of call, only 15 minute ferry ride down the coast of Italy.

When we arrived on board we met up at the pool deck for frozen margarita drinks, salmon brochettes and lamb, salad and desserts. An hour of rest and get dressed for the evening.

Now we are waiting for our tender ship and off to a castle villa for an evening of food, music and good friends. Tis event surely sets,apart Azamara from the other cruise lines.

Fabulous blue sky, warm breeze and the most beautiful coast line in Italian Riviera.

Steve is telling ghost stories from his paranormal interest and experiences in Victoria.

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