Go for GREAT

GO for GREAT”                                              (borrowed from so many great mentors)

I get up at 4:30 am daily.

I embrace the day with positive thoughts and goals.  I feel invincible!

I practice Ho’oponopono mantra, I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you

I live in Easy World, Breathe, Relax, Allow, Enjoy.

I step into Confidence, feel the rush of new day energy in all parts of my body.

I listen to my own voice reading my vision.  I record on iphone, play it back while getting ready.            My positive affirmations.  My WHY.  Description of my next year as the best year yet.  

What is my perfect 12 hour day?  I utilize all my senses, touch, smell, sight, sound and taste the details.

I practice self care and Gratitude Journal entries morning or night before bed. 

I keep lists of wants, desires, grateful, business partners, potential prospects, big dream items.

I focus on the ones who want to work with me, and love the rest.

I offer facebook entries, write a blog, share the pictures and notes from the Universe.

I enjoy at my Vision Board for pictures of my travel destinations, my business ideas, my automobile, my adventures, powerful action words, wealth, vibrant health, global purpose and other lifestyle images.

I create Story.  Write, paint, quilt, craft, inspire, revise, and believe the details. 

The thoughts I think today are my future realities.  I believe in myself and celebrate my magnificence.

I meditate as part of a global community.  We are all one and each one of us matters to each one of us.

I read inspirational books, listen to audible stories & books, motivational speakers.  I savour quotes.

Practice New Habits.  A small seemingly inconsequential shift of 1% every day makes 100% in 100 days.

I take steps, one at a time, with my eye on the goal, the visioImagen and the big dream.  I reach the top.

Other people’s opinions are none of my business.  What matters is what I think and what I learn for me.

Today is the tomorrow I thought about yesterday.  Tomorrow is the result of what I think about today. 

I get plenty of rest, 6 to 9 hours, whatever is needed. 

I get to the weight I love and stay there.  Conscious eating and healthy choices keep me at my goal.

I dress for success.  I meet new people and respect the sweet spot of first impressions in relationship.

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