Authenticity from Exploration

What is at the top of the mountain?  Who is at the core of our being?  What is my special purpose? 

The answer to these questions becomes the goal;  keeping an eye on it, as I take steps ever on my journey.

I have learned that I have to taste from the buffet of life to find the meaning and destination I seek.  I need to be open to possibilities and then not give up.  I stay awake and as mindful as possible on the road I travel.

Travel is the path I take, the vehicle I drive in, in order to find the direction of my next step.  Travel with someone I love dearly? Travel alone? Take the path less traveled?  Get on the biggest ship at sea?  Stand in line to meet new friends? Sit in a quiet space and wait for what might happen next?  Walk on cobblestones of age?  Travel by plane for 9 plus hours surrounded by others transversing the globe?  Lay in the hot sun on a sandy beach almost naked to the elements? Dress in my favorite formal gown at sea in north Atlantic in January?

One comment on “Authenticity from Exploration

  1. Dagmar Snodgrass says:

    Pam go and enjoy … are doing things that most people can only dream about . but by sharing what you see and what you are doing you help me see the world with your Eyes . i can feel like I am a part of this in a small way . I know this world is a wonderful place full of amazing places and people to meet . I am so glad that you can do all of this …. and that you let me and others share in your adventures at sea and on land . ….. Happy travel time my friend from Dagmar .( Dagie )

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