Words come to my mind when I think of my true calling, my authentic self: women, safety, travel, freedom, influence, affluence, invincibility, respect, standing up with, writing, creativity, love, gratitude, generosity, visualization, vibrant health, global purpose, family, soul sisters, connection, play, fun, abundance, meditation, loving kindness, vibration, embracing change, visionary, women holding hands around the world.

Authenticity is the action from the belief that I am doing what I am meant to do; from the unique constellation of my thoughts, experiences and intentions combined with my learning, knowledge and talents, fuel with my own creativity and injected with inspiration and social consciousness.

Some people are doing what they feel they must.  Perhaps droning on in the day to day life looking, searching and desiring deeper meaning; the deeper meaning is not “out there”, it is within.  I dive within to be with and discover my own authentic self; my life purpose and mission.  To make my internal yet global dream come true.  Reflection, insight, discovery, curiosity all bring me closer to understanding.

The work I am prepared to do is to motivate and inspire deeper connection to the global community; with people who are lost and searching, around people who have taken steps into darkness and in partnership with people who are keen to stretch past their comfort zone.  I believe my authentic self takes steps daily toward the purpose of my dreams.  Particularly for the safety and invincibility of women globally, I take profound focused action each day in the direction of my goals.  Some days I see how all my steps are necessary as I climb my Mt Everest.  Sometimes the path seems to veer off course, however, I know there is a path I must follow and as long as I continue to take the steps ever onward with the vision in mind and in my sights, I know my journey is true. 

As I get older and more intentional, much like as one would be as nearing the top of the mountain, the acute necessity that motivates my every day action is more intense.  The messages arising from the opportunities become clearer to me.

I swim in the pool of luxury provided by the words and experiences shared by other world travelers.  I enjoy and interpret and reflect upon those who are also taking steps daily to achieve their goals, designed in the heart of their authentic self.  Not to travel in the same steps, however, to use their learning as key information in taking my own. 

When successful and inspirational folk write of their journey to share their experience as part of their authentic journey, I get to benefit.  I am further advanced in my own journey and closer and closer to taking surer steps toward success.  I am so grateful for those who share their stories. 

I believe as this year winds up and the new dawn is just weeks away, I am pulled ever stronger toward the ultimate and urgent vision of my authentic self.  There is no time to waste and the days of wandering aimlessly are past.  I am intentional and I am driven.  I left my base camp over a year ago and I am climbing steady and stronger each day in the true north of my authentic global vision. 

Thank you all for being supporters in my journey.  You know who you are and I appreciate you.  From PamelaTravelBlog, with love.

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