1,000 words a day

How is it that I know things and then when I need to recall them, they sometimes allude me?  Recently I wrote a very important exam for a career advancement opportunity.  Two days later, I wake up at 4:30 in the morning, bright wide awake, with the answer; with the words I had carefully memorized from weeks of study.  I had practiced, read and repeatedly reviewed for more than 2 weeks the information I needed for this exam.  Words I “forgot” to put on paper when the time came.  How is that possible?

The answer, I think is in the small daily changes every day.  Taking a list of changes I would like to embrace, and taking action toward achieving those goals.

For example, if memory is a critical skill needed for this particular career, or speed reading for accuracy; whatever the skill, there is an action, or several, that can be taken to improve results.  I must now take action toward my dreams.

Many are born and raised into families and experiences that already embrace some daily practices.  For example, stating positive affirmations all day; having a spiritual practice of gratitude and forward optimism and generosity; journaling and creativity as a form of learning; reading and learning as a lifelong practice.  These are a few of the possibilities that exist as a day to day routine for many.  I am aware that one of the unique characteristics for my family is change; moving; starting over; and creating new relationships.  I have this skill and continue with daily practice that is almost unconscious. 

New habit to learn: saving not spending money.  I tend to spend.  That would an old mantra that I will take daily action on to change my outcome.  I stay out of stores; I disconnect and unsubscribe to offers to “save” money on great deals.  I don’t walk in malls or downtown stores when I have a “free” minute.  My list of “don’t” activities is so much easier to create.  My action must be a “do” action.  I will have a mantra and positive affirmation for saving money for retirement and travel.  I prioritize my spending on family, travel, business opportunities, and some necessities like mortgage and insurance.  I don’t take money with me when I go out; or I take only limited cash, and leave the credit and debit cards at home.  I write down my goal for amount to save; daily, weekly, bi weekly, monthly, annually.  I record my progress and I celebrate my success until it is a habit like chewing my food, and breathing in and out.

Other new habits that might assist with my present situation for the search for new career include improving my memory and recall.  What is the latest research saying that works best?  What are the daily practices I can incorporate in to my life that can prepare me for that next interview or exam on my way to the top?  What affirmation can I state that will keep me on task and taking positive action each day in the direction of my dream?  Being ready for opportunities instead of waking up with regrets, is key to success.  Being ready by analyzing and researching, reflecting and being curious is my next step. 

Another new skill I want to examine and practice is the skill of writing.  I am a writer.  I write.  That being true, I am committed to practicing and being vulnerable in the skill of daily blogging and writing.  Finding my authentic story and putting it in print is critical to my writing goal.  I blog.  I write books.  I write.  Daily I will write 1000 words.  It is a priority and a daily practice that will likely help with the other goals I have; memory, creativity, authenticity, saving money, earning money, sharing wisdom with my children, family and friends and having a healthy, happy, productive life.

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