Travel, freedom, perspective:  is travel about running from or toward something?  For me it is movement toward the past.  I am full of anticipation of my next trip, and the next: eager to learn and explore new vistas and have a variety of experiences.  I get to learn about myself in the process of exploration of times past. Travel is about time and focus, delight and anticipation, experience and perspective.

As I begin to prepare for my next journey, I also am aware that I am booked for a few vacations off in to the future:  November 10 to 17, 2013 to the Caribbean on the grandest cruise ship, Allure of the Seas; November 2014 on a small Viking River Cruise in France, wine country, round trip Bordeaux.  I am open to new travel opportunities in the meantime and in particular I am looking forward to cruising around the British Isles.  Opportunities to travel the South Pacific including Australia and New Zealand and a stop in Bora Bora and Papeete are also on my list of delights for the future.

In less than 2 weeks I will be en route to the travel destination I planned several months ago.  Since traveling on Cunard this past October, I can honestly say that the quality of service is the hallmark of this line.  None of the staff really stand out because all are top quality and provide for and anticipate the guest’s every need.  I want to experience that again and again.  Traveling this time with my partner, we will fly to New York City.  I have never been there and have read and watched on movies such exciting cites as the Empire State Building.  I want to see Central Park and I want to see the shows on Broadway.  I want to experience the lights and action that only NYC offers.

We will cruise on the beautiful legendary Queen Mary 2, as it departs NYC and transits the Atlantic to Southampton.  A day on solid land and then embarkation to the Cunard Queen Victoria on the first leg of a World Voyage back to NYC, and  then a few land days to explore the city sights and sounds and tastes.

A few more bucket list items successfully checked off my life agenda.  Open to the opportunities that come my way.  I am both a government employee and have been for more than 27 years, and a home based part time travel consultant.  I have the best of both worlds and enjoy the life that such experiences create for me.  I enjoy my passion filled work life and how it opens up the world to the sights and reflections that otherwise might allude me.  I invite the perspective of other travelers and enjoy their meeting as often as daily when I travel.  Dancing, painting, reading, relaxing and eating are just a few of the events each day will present to me on a cruise buffet.  I will reflect on insightful conversations with new friends, and enjoy laughs of comfort with my travel partner.  Truly this is a retreat at sea with a land package extraordinaire. 

My anticipation level is high, my packing is not yet begun and the season is upon us for shopping, gifting, receiving, celebrating, singing, and connecting.    My house is not very decorated but my heart is full of song for the season and loving wishes for my family and friends.  I love this time of year for how my soul soars and my heart sings and my mornings are full with anticipation.  I love my life and everyone who is in it. 

More another day.  I wish for you and yours a most joyous holiday season and the very best year yet coming at you!!



2 comments on “Anticipation

  1. Lori Wheeler says:

    The South Pacific is SO on my list too!!!!

  2. We could plan it together

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