Lighthouse day 3

Yesterday afternoon I was enjoying a double dip in the calm sea, at just after high tide, a gentle swim and float.  A seal poked his head up and watched curiously.  I spoke gently and then got out of the water.  We both kept our distance.  

The evening was beautiful with colourful sunset and later a near full moon in the clear dark sky.  

Today the sea has something to say.  Overcast most of the morning.  It is one of the jobs of a lighthouse keeper, to tell the weather in the area of the lighthouse.  Telling the wind speed (estimated), visibility, height of the seas …. Today the waves increase, the flag fully outstretched.

There are several differences today, the seals are not scattered lazily on the sun baked rocks in mid afternoon.  The eagle family and other sky birds (as far as I can see between 10 and 20) are swooping and ‘playing’ in the higher winds, dodging this way and that, riding the updraft and twirling around and around.  Some sea birds riding the fun waves, maybe 3-5 feet swells, some white caps.  

The screen doors of the house I am staying in, that don’t securely latch are banging in the ‘breeze’.  Different vistas on all sides of this island.  The water between the other islands somewhat calmer.  The wild side splashing up on the polished rocky cliffs.

It is challenging to walk my circuit around this small space.  However, I am determined to try.  Following the lawn area, around the buildings, up and down the stairs to the landing area and spot where I swam yesterday.  Around the newly budded (yellowy-green tear drop shaped buds) trees, small purple flowers about 3-6 inches up from the green lawn, yellow headed daffodils.  Around the heli-pad and looking over the edge at the crashing waves below.  

It is wild and wonderful.  Scenic and sensory.  This is not your ordinary walk – all the sounds are nature, the sights are not of a city skycape.  I have closed my rings and ready now to prepare for another peaceful sleep.  Good night all.


One comment on “Lighthouse day 3

  1. Diana Reyers says:

    Beautifully shared!! Love that you mindfully immerse yourself in your walk ❤️

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