Lighthouse day 2

Before I move on to the spectacular morning, I will finish writing about my day 1.  This small island is a rock in the sea and limited in size.  It is a little under half a km to walk the whole way around.  

I have been walking for exercise and closing my rings on my watch for the past 846 days without breaking my streak.  Around and around I go, exploring, walking briskly, climbing gentle stairs all the while staring out to sea at the magnificent view.  Determined to keep up my moving streak!

Last night sleeping with the window and curtains open … much to my surprise and delight, the moon – almost full, brilliant and bright in the sky and filling up my space, making me smile as I was able to drift off again.

Up for the sunrise, outside in silk jammies to take photos of the glow and rising ball that keeps me warm and satisfied.

Goals for today, enjoy each moment that I can, have a cold water swim in this part of the sea, be one with the natural world around me, close my walking rings on my watch, eat well, spend time talking about meaningful topics with my good friend, write a gratitude email and send out by text.

GRATITUDE for today, that I arrived safely on this magical island and have the opportunity to be here.  Tasty, aromatic and superbly smooth morning decaf coffee prepared by my friend (Flair expresso).  The cardboard 3-d puzzle of Roman Colosseum completed by my friend.  Grateful.

Grateful to see the seals resting on rocks, the subtle rise and change of the sea level, witnessing the weather changes on the spring day, enjoying the sightings of the eagle family who make this rock home, buds on ancient trees that grow here (Garry Oak, flowering blossom trees that will bear sweet yellow plum fruit one day, apple tree and alder, wild roses and lilacs in their early spring bud).  Not mattering to count the many times I see the sights from all sides of this mystical place as I walk my daily exercise routine.  Ancient petroglyphs from many years past.  Grateful.

It is so quiet here of course.  This morning I stood under the light and could almost hear the dew drips fall from the light to the platform. Some landed on my head and face, the cool drops were pleasant to experience.  Mindful moments.  It seems I stood out there for ages. 

Eagles watching and hovering over. The two eagle parents and one ‘immature’.  I would say teenager?  Ha ha.  Good luck to the parents!

On the horizon I see hundreds maybe thousands of birds breakfasting on the sea in the golden glow of morning.  The bright sun making its way through the patch of grey cloud.  It seems like a competition and for us on this lucky day, the sunshine won!!!  It has been clear, bright and sunny ever since, warming up wherever it touches.

In writing this I wondered what a group of eagles is called?  According to Google (I remember when I used to run to our set of encyclopedia in the bookshelf and pouring over the information contained between the pages)…. a bunch of eagles would be an aerie, convocation,  congress, or army.  (Very military words …. Who writes this or decides these things?  Back to google …..).

I am delighted to know and see a Round of robins, several Flock of seagulls.  To the delight of my cold ocean-water swimming pod …. I am part of a  Raft of otters.

Once in the south of France at la Carmargue I witnessed a Flamboyance of flamingos.  Sometimes in the trees I have seen a  Party or band of blue jays (my mom is watching the BlueJays season baseball ….).

In August and September 2023 I am going on safari to Africa and hope to see the following: Tower of giraffe,  Dazzle of zebra, Pride of lions and Herd of elephants.  Isn’t nature wonderful!!!

I had my dip at low tide off the ‘rock’ today.  It is much less cold than the breakwater in Victoria ….. and the glowing beautiful sun is still shining from the brilliant blue sky.  Lucky me. 


One comment on “Lighthouse day 2

  1. Brian says:

    That is a mountain of words Pam!

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