Lighthouse adventure, the next day, 6 April 2023

Good morning from this rock island lighthouse in the Pacific Ocean with the sea alive.  A friend has asked if it is a long way down to the sea.

It is a rock, so yes, some cliff around the whole island.  In order to swim I have to go down several sets of stairs and then down a ladder (which is attached securely and permanently to the rock).  When the tide is low I had to go to the bottom of the ladder.  When the tide was high I could just go down a few rungs and drop in to the sea and swim around.  Much more comfortable for me.  

The lower rungs of the ladder has barnacles and shells, some green stuff growing ….   I prefer the higher tide times, twice a day for swimming.  When the water was still, there was pollen and some sludgy stuff floating around in the gentle current on top of the water.  I am so glad I got to experience the sunny rays atop the surface of the water  on the first few dips.  The full experience of this place, the peaceful yet constant change is so interesting to me.

The tide moves 15 feet up and down.  The rock stands up maybe 40 to 60 feet from the water surface (depending on the tide).

The perimeter of the island is about .50 kilometres of walkable area.  In and out around the trees, fencing, sidewalks, heli pad, sharp declines, grassy areas, equipment, storage sheds and boat house, two full size homes.  I notice as the wind builds today, with gusty gusts, that the delicate white petals of blossoms on the trees did not stand a chance against the coming storm.  They flitter and dance, providing a light covering of the grasses and sidewalks only to be moved again with the winds and light rain showers.

As the day progressed and close to mid-afternoon the increase in wind, swells and waves leaves me to assume that this is a storm and I won’t be dipping at the afternoon high tide.  On my perimeter walk I witness wildness of sea, still a few birds and eagles soaring in the air, reduced visibility, sea lion not too far from the ladder enjoying something good to eat.  White caps.

Women’s circle provided by Spirit Rock (California) on zoom, every Thursday morning at 10 am for two hours. Grace Fisher, an angel, her voice calm and steady providing quotes and readings from other artists, time to meditate both in movement and while sitting in silence with the community on line.  I have listened to her through the past 3 years during COVID times since I discovered her.  

How grateful am I to be here – welcoming every thing as it is. Just like this.  My body, my mind, my heart …… just like this.  Sitting in observing awareness in this magical place.  Open to all the sensations.  

How am I on this day, 6 April 2023?  I am quiet, still, my heart is open, and I feel very grateful to have this experience.


One comment on “Lighthouse adventure, the next day, 6 April 2023

  1. Brian says:

    Thanks Pam. Wonderful! Be careful by yourself swimming! Love the descriptions of the island and the idea of the meditations on Zoom.

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