Reading a Book about Writing while Travelling

5. Reading a book on writing: “Writing Away: a Creative guide to Awakening the Journal -Writing Traveller” by Lavinia Spalding.
“We write words in an empty book, and an inanimate object is transformed into a living, breathing memoir. In turn, as we write, the journal transforms us. It allows us to instantly process impressions, which leads to a more examined layer of consciousness in both the present and the future. It’s a relationship, and let me tell you, it’s no cheap one-night stand.”
The poet T. S. Eliot once said, “Only those willing to risk going too far can find out how far they can go.”
A fountain pen and Moleskine notebook. See more, think less. Mindful travel.  
“The novelist and journalist Edward Streeter once said that travel is ninety percent anticipation and ten percent recollection.”
Select the appropriate unlined journal for the trip I am about to embark on. It must lie flat when opened. Tan or cream pages, no distracting quotes. It must give me joy to open and use. A companion.  
Log expectations and goals of the trip in the journal. Even make lists. predictions, questions. Use it daily for three weeks to get in the habit and become acquainted.  
The critical question… what do I want and why do I want it? I believe I want to write to be seen. For my life to be witnessed. For my travels and my thoughts to have meaning for myself and for others. I feel I have something important and life / world changing to say and my words will inspire world peace and improved quality of life for women everywhere. Lofty goals? You betcha!
I want to be more mindful and gain more meaning and presence to my own travel experiences.  
Travel changes my opinions, my prejudices, my very thoughts. Travel writing then, records these changes 🙂 Travel with my journal as my companion gives me privacy and solitude, even and especially if I am travelling with others in a group. It aids me to slow down, breathe and become mindful of what I am experiencing.  
My wish for the journey and journal is to illuminate, inspire, entertain, bring joy and fun to reader and myself, to record and to encourage creativity. To feed my soul and for others to find themselves in the journey with me. To encourage others to write their story too. To become well read, to enjoy the use of words, to practice that which I am learning … reading, writing and sharing / witnessing my own experiences. To be happy and to share happiness. To delight optimism and disarm any negativity. To encourage love of self and the Self. To find and describe soulful interactions and observations. To slow down my thoughts and wallow in my feelings. To describe the place and encourage the reader to find themselves also in the same place.  
First Impressions – love at first sight. Describe on each new page the first few lines of what I want to story to be about. Use description and dialogue, details and distortions. Find the feeling and open with that exclamation of emotions.
In my fantasy I would write every day. I am clearer and most fun first time in the morning. Before the rest of the world gets up or takes notice that I have arisen. When the sun first greets me for its routine, I too believe this is habit I will develop. I will also intend to write several times a day and if I write in the late afternoon or before bed, I will honour that witness as well – in addition to my morning ritual.  
Before I begin, I unwrap my journal, I take three very deep breaths and I invite mindfulness through meditation. Even just one moment of this invites me into a spiritual practice and as such enriches the act of writing as sacred and inspired. I can do this anywhere.  
When I show up, my journal recording my journey, I realize this action alone creates change within me. When I change, those who are around me, those who follow me and those who admire me also open to change. And when that happens, a movement has begun.
Few Hours Later:
Enrichment program about Palma de Majorca. Fresh water is a problem for this island and they have to bring in fresh water in the hot summer season. Tourism remains number one business on this island and we will be arriving in the Old Cite. Architecture will reveal both Roman and Arabic influences. Our Azamazing Evening will take place in the extraordinarily large cathedral in Palma – as big as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris! We will be entertained here and will hear the organ played during our event. Wow, spectacular!
Apparently there is a pedestrian walkway called Paseo del Borne and worthy of a visit. Portal Vells, beaches here … includes nude beaches. Beautiful cliffs and coves in the area and also great for snorkelling. The Drach Caves were built some 5 million years ago.
The sky is grey and we are preparing for our cocktail party tonight before dinner. For now, I will close off and chat again later.
Good night, still off coast of France

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  1. Debbie Rachar says:

    Brilliant! Another one of my favourite blogs on this leg of your journey. Magnifique!

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