Day Three Azamara Journey

4. Day 3, sea day
I woke this early morning to the most spectacular oranges, peaches, golds streaks welcoming the large yellow ball of a sun to the new day. It is still early and yet, I can’t take my eyes off the sunrise.
We are at sea, on an unscheduled sea day in calmer waters – as planned by the Captain of the vessel. He made the decision to change the itinerary so we could all enjoy the sailing, the weather and our future days in port on this cruise. While there are still small swells out at sea, it is so much calmer than it was even last night.
After dining last evening we attended the Captain’s welcome party – champagne and greeting the officers of the ship. After that we attended the talents of Virtuosos, the entertainment of the evening. They are a clarinet and piano duo. They have been playing on ships and with orchestras as well recipients of awards and fame. Their music is spectacular and they entertained the crowd.
Cruise director, Eric is just now welcomed back on this ship, gone since my last sailing on the Journey perhaps two years ago … or more? You might recall from previous blogs that Eric is perhaps the greatest and most talented cruise director I have ever known in all my cruise history! His performances are memorable as he sings, roller skates, dances, and tells jokes while he entertains the guests and keeps the ships activities together. He is from Canada, Toronto, and has also won awards and created a successful artistic lifestyle for himself.
Tonight Eric will steal the hearts of many as he is the main event at the entertainment evening performing Broadway and movie hits. I seem to recall this show and it will be lovely.
I talked to Eric briefly and he asked about my mom and how she is doing. I am not certain he remembers us at all, but he politely said the right things to welcome me on this ship as a return guest.
At about 530 today, Jane and I will be attending a cocktail party for travel agents … so that sounds like fun as well.  
Last evening, at cocktail hour as well as dinner and the shows, Laura and Sandee sat with us. We all seemed to enjoy each others company and had a few laughs. It was great and we have learned a bit more about each other through the stories we tell 🙂
Dancing in the Looking Glass after the last show …. was fun. Lots of people up there likely waiting, like us, for the sail away after 11 pm. Many dancing, some very very good dancers. The DJ is also the same guy I recall from my Azamara days previously on this ship. Nice to see his familiar face and he does a pretty good job of reading the room and setting the dance songs for our boogey nights.
Today we will enjoy the only sea day on this voyage and the Cocktail party. In between are some guest lectures on future ports of call and Art History. Zumba and Line Dancing as well as the Waltz dance instruction are offered today, the Captain and officers serve us lunch at a barbeque at noon, and so much more. I am looking forward to this lovely relaxing sea day and all the many activities on board. Perhaps a few hours out on deck if the sun stays high and bright in the sky over the Mediterranean Sea.
Bye for now, more later
Pamela, still of France …. 

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