Eric of Azamara

6. Entertaining Eric “Superb” on Azamara Journey!
On the first evening of this cruise we gathered for the late show and had a little sample of the dancing and singing capabilities of a new group on board the Journey. They were pretty amazing.  
Eric de Gray I remember from my Azamara cruise with my mom some years ago. He is a fabulous singer with amazing range. He sings from Broadway hits as well as contemporary selections.
Tall, maybe 6’6″ and flashy dresser, with interesting and identifiable hair style – he hails from Toronto area Canada. I remember a few years ago he introduced us to his mom and dad who were on the cruise. This time his uncle is the family on board. Also Eric reads stories from and as if his grandfather was sending him wisdom. 
This cruise director goes WAY above and beyond what we have seen ever in our many cruises. He works hard, he is on recordings every early morning to talk about the day … and then he makes announcements if necessary … goes on excursions, greets people after the shows, and signs autographs on his CDs in the lobby. Eric joins the guests on the Waves Cafe, lido deck for meals.
I have seen him at the Captains table in the dining room, entertaining and chatting to guests. Also he and the Captain attended our cocktail party last evening to greet our group.
Last evening he did his first performance for a full house. All chairs were taken and people even stood at the back to see the show. He sang and danced, involved the audience and he told stories. It is such an entertaining way to cruise, with Eric. He certainly sets the bar high for any other cruise director anywhere! You can google him and check out his Bio.  
Briefly: Eric has been a guest entertainer on Royal Caribbean, NCL and more … and was cruise director with Seabourn for nine years. He has performed for charity projects in his career as well. He is a professional figure skater for 16 years. He has directed musical shows such as Oklahoma and Joseph. He is a vocal director and voice instructor, songwriter and composer. He also is a writer and has published his book of “Letters from Grandpa”. You can see more about him at
bye for now, 
Pamela in France

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