Toulon France, today

7. Toulon France
The Azamara Journey is pulling slowly into place at the pier in Toulon France. It is about 820 am and the harbour is a busy place! Quite obviously a major port city, we can see huge ferries, and many military ships as well. An NCL ship is following us :). I can see a modern port lined with palm trees. And a massive marina adjacent to the old city, I believe. Azamara provides a complimentary shuttle to town if needed. 
Once we receive our breakfast on the balcony of our room today we will prepare to go to town. The significance for you is that we will seek out wifi (pronounced WeeFee ici). It will be my last city and visit to south of France since my arrival 5 October 2015. Today is November 4. Tomorrow we move along to Palma de Majorca for a visit to Spain.
Last evening and in wee hours of the morning, when I would wake, I would see distant lighthouses by their beacons, shining bright and intermittent so that all vessels at sea can know their location and watch for danger. It was a beautiful evening and I very much enjoyed the sail in today.  
No more sea days on this trip. Today Toulon France. Tomorrow is Palma de Majorca for an overnight, two days total. Then to Valencia, again, two days and an overnight followed by a full long day in Barcelona and an overnight. I will be flying out the following morning and heading home.  
My flight schedule includes departure from BCN at 6 am on 10 November to Amsterdam. Then a hop to Toronto and a touch down in Calgary, arriving in Victoria with Westjet at 1135 pm same day.  
Toulon is in Provence and is surrounded by high hills, not quite mountains. Avignon, Arles, Marseille … all close by and familiar to me now after my month in this countryside. Today I will explore Toulon. I thought about taking a ferry ride to a nearby island however I think I will walk around Toulon this day. Perhaps find markets and or quaint old walking streets, narrow alleys, beautiful doors and plenty of people watching.  
The Captain just came on to predict the weather, 23-24 degrees and sunshine. wooo hoo.


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