A Day on the Ship

3. The ship, day two, November 2, 2015. Azamara Journey
Full ship, they say with almost three hundred Brits, 250 plus from USA and then fifty Canadians and other… Fifty countries represented with staff. Quiet today, many people on shore in Cannes. We are enjoying pool deck in breeze and now lunch:). The afternoon was spent relaxing as well. Plans tonight for the Captains evening, dinner and show, as well as the sail away and maybe a bit of dancing with the gals 🙂
Living the dream ….
Today about five pm the captain announced that the itinerary will change to avoid winds and rougher seas. We will have a calm sea day tomorrow and then Toulon the following day. This will change our hour of arrival and plans for the following stop in Palma de Mallorca as well. I am pleased and can use another day to relax.  
Watching Mr Holmes, the movie. Mr Holmes says to the young boy, 

“Apologize, because you said things that were meant to hurt”. You will regret it if you don’t. The boy says, “Do you regret? ” “So much”, says Mr Homes.” The young boy apologizes to his mom. She accepts and says … ” lesson learned. Don’t say everything you think. “

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