Packing for Europe!

I have fallen in love with my clothes, again

Packing and planning to travel is a great time to explore the details of my closest.  What is hanging about unloved and undiscovered this past while?  What could I spruce up and invite on my next trip?
I have decided to let go of my packing stress … Partly because I don’t have time to give it anymore space In my life and partly that it does not serve me well.  I loose sleep and make lists and exhaustion is not my friend.  So….. 
Last night, without wine, I entered that sacred space of clothes in my new walk in closet.  I have traveled so much in the past three months that I forgot what treasures lurked there!  
I changed clothes, made discard piles, imagined with this and added that, invited scarves to become the flourish and excitement to the basic black … And tried to see myself in a positive light.
I enjoyed myself so much … Me, my wardrobe and a full length mirror.  Time to myself is rare and yet so precious.  I had such a grand time!  Woke up this morning feeling totally satisfied.  
And I know I need to drop a few items from the pile, Un-invite them, so to speak .. In order to continue to use my small carry on size bag for this next extravagant trip to Europe, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Israel, and more Italy .. Punctuating a fabulous Oceania cruise for fifteen days in the med … On board the lovely (again) Riviera!  
Just a month away .. Counting the days.
Wish you were coming too …. There is another chance to join me in Europe, this fall .. October to the glorious and scenic south of France … Staying in a villa for three fun and wine filled weeks!  
Ti amo 
Pamelllllla, I was reborn Italiano!
Ps I found some great gluten free walking food tour in Rome …. Oh yah baby!  

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