Articles on travel 

Articles on travel

One day I ponder if I want to be a travel writer, the next day I am shaking my head at the idea.  I love what I do and I can write about it however I want, when no one is paying me!
I just read reviews, several of them, written about books written by a few different male travel writers-gone-rogue.  I am not sure if I should call them travel journalists, because as of yet, I am not sure I know if there is a difference?  
I suppose travel writing is pretty much like any form of news story …” I did this, saw this and now … My story is this”. Yup, that pretty much sums up the news, the sports, the weather (actually it is hard to mess with the weather, after the fact) and so it is with travel.
What I love or hate about a destination, touristy or otherwise, is simply not the same as anyone else might enjoy or despise the exact same experience or location.
What is significant is this … Why would I plan my precious vacation with the “lowest bidder” as my guide?  Someone who charges the least?  Someone who advertises a low-ball offer to get my business but has not ever been there, or even read about being there? …. Helping me make a choice on what is the best decision for me?
I want to do some research, check out a few sites … Google … Then read, and even talk to a number of people and sources who might know about that place or that ship … And then I consult with an expert and finally make a decision and pay my money to someone I trust.  Makes sense, right?  
Why would I go on line, research only based on the words written by any one I have never met and perhaps, would not value their opinion even if I did meet them … And then enter my credit card on line only to find that I booked the wrong flight at a time that does not work, to a place I don’t want to go … All to maybe save a buck?
We work hard for our money.  All of us!  This is our story.  We value two things, maybe three above all else … Our time, our money and our favourite people ( friends or family or both).  How we enjoy these factors … We should and do give careful consideration to.
I am an expert and a professional.  If I don’t know the answer, I will tell you I don’t know the answer and I will help you get the answer you need.    Mostly I will help you make the best informed decision you can because only you know how you value those three factors … Your time, your money and the people you love.  You get to decide how you spend that precious money … On a vacation to spend precious time, with those precious loved ones.  
I am here to help. One of the most noble tasks I can think of doing as a second career.
Call me anytime, or write to me.  Read my blog … It is free.  You can see I am not a writer for money … I write here so you can decide if I am a person you want to help you with your next vacation.
Thanks for reading and many many thanks for being one of my friends or family!  
Ti amo, 

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