An interlude for France

Villa in the south of France: more than just a dream

Yup, I am going to live the oft dreamt about ultimate vacation: staying three weeks in a beautiful villa in the south of France.  Languedoc region to be precise.  My flights are booked, departing Victoria 4 October and returning 25 October 2015.  Want to come along with me?  You are invited ….
What to do while I am there?  I had no idea I would ever have to pose this question!  I am thinking a day or two in grand Paris … Same in exotic and romantic Venice and perhaps a shopping day to drool in the boutique shopping Mecca of the world, Milan.  I have never been to Avignon, Marseille or Provence and all intrigue me by the names that I have heard about in songs and stories all my life. 
I am thinking of wine tours, gluten free baguettes, cheese, olives … Prosecco and perhaps limoncello.  Fine wines are made in this region so partaking of those grape varietals and aging cellars will be definitely on the list!
Checking out Arles, Nimes, Nice and the Promenade des anglais  as well as the Côte d’Azur.  We will rent a car for tootling around the local area and do the rest by fast train perhaps from Montpellier.  Perhaps flights even? 
Aix en Provence to discover beauty and the past.  The markets of Isle-sur-Sorgue   and the Luberon Villages, the hilltop villages of Gordes and Roussillon. The charming fishing port of Cassis and perhaps some beaches near Les Saintes-Marie’s-de-la-Mar.
Walking along river banks, investigating bridges, popping in to local shops and tasting the wares.  Artists through time were inspired in France.  I am as well and looking forward to even more inspiration and self discipline to follow up when I get home bringing this timeless area of the world and sensational memories with me.
Did I mention wine bars?  And local markets for fresh produce and local treats.  I am presently researching food tours for gluten free folks in Europe and hoping to find lists of places sympathetic in France.  Stopping for impromptu wine tours and tastings will be a lovely treat to write about another day.
Fragrant Lavender fields and vibrant yellow sunflowers.  Green as far as the eye can imagine.  Blue sky and fluffy white clouds holding back moisture till after I depart the exciting and vibrant France.  
As I have tours to investigate in Italy and an exciting cruise to plan in the meantime, I will wrap up this blog for today.  
Perhaps enough said and dreams of this dream vacation of a lifetime will dance in your head tonight and you will find my email in the morrow to plan and join me on this exquisite 3 week venture to heaven on earth, Bonne France!
Au revoir, mes amies.  Je t’aime

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