Riviera.  I am in awe.

Wow!  Now this ship is the most beautiful cruise ship I have ever seen.  My mouth has been hanging open since our arrival this afternoon and my first glance at the staircase in the center.  The elevators are glass and the artworks, the artist loft, the spa and spa terrace … Heated tiled lounge chairs ….. Larger pool deck than the smaller cousin ships Insignia and Regatta.  More and larger and more elaborate specialty dining venues.  Crystal glass lights in Martinis bar where we muster for safety drill at five pm.  
Bigger, bolder, brighter, shinier.  She glides out of Miami harbour and out to sea … As if it is not moving.  Our balcony view tells me we are ….  I cannot feel the motion.  There is no movement that I can feel, at all!
When we arrived in our concierge verandah stateroom I see my welcome bottle of champagne, a bottle of red chianti, a large floral arrangement and fruit basket … Many thanks from Oceania for my loyalty and training I have taken with them.  I am speechless.  Our room steward comes to visit, takes my wrinkled clothes to be pressed … Brings an extra Oceania bag and exchanges slippers to fit my feet.  Soft fluffy robes.  
I have never seen such a magnificent bathroom on a cruise ship!  Marble counters, tiles and  big bathtub … Separate shower with two kinds of shower heads …  Lovely lights … Bulgaria  toiletries.  Pinch me!
Movie on tonight in the Riviera lounge is Hundred Foot Journey … 9 pm.  after exquisite formal dining in Polo Grill … Which we found after the sail away party.    Already we can’t fit everything in … I am going from one thought to the next and next … I want to see and do it all!  What a magnificent ship!
The waiter greets me by name .. It is Roger …  One of the friendly happy waiters from Regatta just a few days ago!  He is my wait staff in Polo tonight.  He remembers my diet, my hot water to drink … He remembers my name and treats myself and my friend like royalty.  I will be writing a letter of appreciation to his supervisor … Who I also met tonight.
We enjoy a chilled bottle of Prosecco … Some remaining for tomorrow.  I have a virgin Caesar, extra spicy, with olives … Janie and Adrienne and I discovered them on the last cruise.  
Deb met a couple from Victoria and she used to work with him years ago in the Provincial government.  Friendly and fantastic.
We found the library …  I am speechless.  Seating areas, books in large wood shelves sorted by category … Large picture windows with a view of the sea.  
Over 800 staff for a maximum of 1200 guests.  This ship does not appear full for this sailing.  So far the service has been the best I have ever experienced, EVER!
There is an artist in residence!  Graham Denison is painting and hosting art events every day.  His works are exquisite.  We see the large boutiques only from a distance … I can hardly wait to discover  them another day!

One comment on “Riviera

  1. gailgrant49 says:

    Sounds like this ship is the be all end all. Wow….I will be able to enjoy it all too in 2 short months.

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