Excursions and plans for this cruise

Excursions …. Narrowing the search.  I am looking for vistas, beaches, wine and walking through time.  

First stop, two days in Bermuda.  April 4 and 5.   I would like to see the island and also check out a beach, of Bermuda fame.  
Perhaps day two might be Quintessential Bermuda and St George’s.  KWF-003. A scenic coach ride passing botanical gardens and a Georgian mansion, followed by coastal drive to see swirling riptides and great views.  A visit to UNESCO world heritage sight of St George’s with cobblestone streets through historic old town.  Following a walk about, a drive by and stop at some pink beaches..  A five hour tour.  
The  previous day I think it would be great to return to a beach if the weather cooperates, and following a walk through the craft market and other shopping areas within walking distance of the ship. 
Funchal Portugal, 11 April another exotic island that I have never been to.  I think I would like to take the panoramic island tour in the morning.  Sights will include rugged picturesque shoreline, banana plantation, fishing village and the Cabo Girao escarpment
 more than 1900 feet above the sea promising spectacular views from Europe’s highest cliffs.  Fnc-016.  I would like to see the thatched roof quaint homes that dot the country side on this island.

Gibraltar, United Kingdom.  Arrival 8 am 13 April and planned departure 6 pm.  The Rock is the famous sight in this location.  Four years ago I was on the Rock and I remember it still.  Deb will likely want to see this sight.  I might pass on this excursion and just walk around town.  I remember not liking the feeling of large guns and cannons sticking out from the fortress walls throughout the city.  A violent place, with history warring. I see a picture of a sandy beach on this location, so perhaps I can find that on my day, and have a wee swim in the sea!  There is a cork farm and several famous wineries.  Shopping will be interesting and walking in town sounds like a peaceful way to coexist with this historic and vital entrance to Europe.
No time in Barcelona as we depart and head back to my beautiful home in Victoria.  

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