Expectations for this cruise 1-15 April 2015

Expectations for this trip 1-15 April 2015
Indulge and enjoy the luxury of the ship experiences, sanctuary, spa, artist loft, library, balcony, room, lounges, food, and so much more

Hot sunny weather.  Smooth seas and wildlife sightings on the sea and land

Brilliant articulate writings. Mine to express, listen to audible, read in library, share 

Stay present to the moment. As many moments as I can hold
 Express gratitude in the form of kindness to everyone I meet, write notes
Successful shopping for treasures in ports of call and on the sea
Healthy vibrant and photogenic, feel and look my best, attention to details
Expand women’s travel club, talk it up, give out cards.  Share the passion.
Fantastic spectacular vistas in every port and out at sea
Moments that take our breath away
Artistic expression, freedom and enjoyment
Belly laughs, fun, fun, fun
Enjoy and encounter the brilliance of our Sunday morning calls, every day for 15 days.

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