Painting instructions

Painting introduction

I slept in, exhausted still and so tired.  Up for breakfast, filled in my food order for the next two nights, turned it in on deck five.  What else do I have on my list today?  
Artist loft 10 am.  Room filled and so unable to start a project.  I love the artists work, his fabulous work space.  Note to self, come VERY EARLY if I want to paint!  First come first served, so I can’t start today.  Sigh.  I am watching the process and lots of others who came early are diving in.  We start today with drawing our project.  Acrylics, watercolour or oils … All products needed are provided.  Pastels, pencils and more.
Later:  I jump in when a gal leaves, she offers me her place.  I find an artist I like, a landscape.  I draw.  I decide to try my hand at acrylic … My first.  I struggle with the idea of mixing color.  I struggle with all the usual struggles I have at the start of a creation.  I am done with struggle … I am seeking fun and confidence.  
Free Spanish lessons, I miss the start so decide not for me this time.  I miss needlepoint and the enrichment lectures.  I miss spa presentation.  I am now meeting Deb at noon to regroup.  
Reflections:  lighten up, loosened up and let play create!

One comment on “Painting instructions

  1. Yup…you need to do nothing for a few days. It sounds to me that you are trying to do it all with no down time. You have not had a break. Keep it up and you’ll have burn out or get sick. I, for one would not want to see either. I care about you.

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