These are a few of my favorite things 

Reflections of the day

What do I love about my cruiseship destination holiday today?
1.  The gentle rocking of the ship.  I feel like I am cradled in a glorious arms of the sea, being rocked gently.  It is peaceful, tranquil and energizing.  I feel grateful and my heart is full of kindness.
2. The warm and gentle breeze blowing my hair and touching  on my skin.  The tropical sun sparkling and dancing on the waters surface.  Last night the moon glow and almost surreal movement of the surface of the mighty yet welcoming ocean.
3.  The Concierge  lounge offered and open to the Concierge guests.  A space for ‘special’ guests, lounging, writing, coffee, tea, nibbles, library books, magazines, crossword puzzles.  The Concierge assists us with our selections for excursions for this fantastic voyage.  Computer access, big screen tv, comfortable couches.
4. The artist loft.  Fantastic works of art on display and special attention and instruction, inspiration from his great selection of books and pages.  Every day will be amazing with this extra offering.
5. The food.  Over the top in terms of selection, taste, freshness and creative options.  Order as I like it and with my gluten free specifics.  I always feel special.  Venues are twice the size as Regatta.  The service is fabulous as I am remembered by one waiter from previous ship.  Here the wait staff is serving all the food, keeping the hands of guests off the food!  Today French stew, bouillabaisse with large chunks of fresh sea food.  Wow … Two bowls.  Perrier water, peppermint tea.  Salad bar.  All amount to a decor that is elegant and classy.  Dinner in Toscana, gluten free pasta in lobster, with olives.  Lobster risotto … Oh my!  Coconut flakes on dairy free sorbet …  The smoothie bar.  
6. The service.  The crew remembering already our names, holding chairs, offering sparkling water, and with special attention to all the guests.  Our room steward and his special attention to our requests.  Extra extra extra, never a “no”.   The maitre d and chef coming out to talk with us every night at dinner … Just to make sure everything is good.  They want to make it right!
7. The Sanctuary.  Out doors, a salt water pool, heated tiled  lounge seats.  Spectacular vistas.  Individual lounge chairs with cushions and their own shelter without using umbrellas.  From here I can see the color of the sea, a blue green reflecting the sky only with much more color and different  hues.  Frothy white wake as our ship makes its way to our next port of call.  
8.  Friendly people everywhere.  Happy, smiling, enjoying, walking.  Sounds of music everywhere.  String quartet at tea.  Sounds of the sea and surf outside.  In the spa, zen sounds for relaxation and rejuvenation.  Dining with new friends and neighbours.  Friendly guests. 
9.  Shore excursions offered and fabulous suggestions.  Guest lectures with famous people.
10. Spa visit and consultation twice with Maja … Is she an angel?  Yes, she is kind, and patient.  She answers questions and is tall like me.  She provides a complimentary consultation of my stress points and recommendations for upcoming spa treatments.  Cool water to drink with a hint of fresh lemon.  Relaxing on hot tile bed, curved to provide relaxation to a human resting on same.  
11.  The washrooms.  Marble, spotless, bright and shiny … All the fixtures sparkle and glisten.  Lighting is perfectly situated for a beautiful experience.  Floor to ceiling mirrors, cloth towels.  The textures: table cloths, curtains, couches, fabric pillows.  
While not as quaint and personal as the smaller ships, this ship offers up class and spaciousness.  Elegant.


One comment on “These are a few of my favorite things 

  1. gailgrant49 says:

    I am looking forward to it all.

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