April 1 2015 and en route to Oceania Riviera

April 1, 2015 and I am on route again to board a cruise ship.  I seem to be living the dream of exotic world travel.  Yahooooo

After two brief sleeps at home in Victoria, I find myself back at the Toronto airport onmy way back to Miami.  Westjet has been the flight of choice this time, and because I have a brilliant Westjet MasterCard I don’t have to pay for luggage check in.  As well I was able to score leg room in emergency exit rows all the way from Victoria to Miami.  It has been awesome so far.  I slept the last flight, head down, blow up pillow and leg room.  Nice.
I have some selections to make for my June cruise, dining reservations and some shore excursions.  I know I have complimentary wifi while on this cruise so I can access the information and emails needed for my next trip to Europe in 8 short weeks.  It has been quite the year so far!  And still more to come.
  Later tonight or perhaps tomorrow.tonight I will explore the new ship, press some clothes and then specialty dining in the Polo Grill.  Large shrimp cocktail, lobster … Yumm.
My friend Debbie and I have a Concierge Veranda stateroom, so room service nightly will be fabulous.  I am hopeful to pick up a few bottles of wine before boarding this afternoon, just to have in the stateroom.  I believe I can expect champagne upon arrival and a bottle of chianti!  In addition I have some ship board credits so happy hour might be in order for tomorrow night.  For some reason they don’t offer happy hour on embarkation day, I learned on the last cruise.  
I am looking forward to relaxing, enjoying the new larger Oceania Riviera ship, the spa terrace, the concierge lounge, artist loft and other common entertainment venues.  

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