Nassau, the Bahamas 

A Sea day, Nassau, the Bahamas and disembarkation in Miami

Nassau the Bahamas….. Busy port.  Throngs of people, mayhem of activity, children’s laughter, music pounding …. As we exit the quiet peaceful lifestyle of our cruiseship.  With the exception of Oceania and Regent SevenSeas which shared the pier, there were at least 5-6 large to very large cruise ships.  Carnival, NCL, MSC, Celebrity, Disney Wonder and more.
When we tried to take pictures all we could see were many heads bobbing along, many hands clasped with young children.  
Our original plan was to window shop, people watch …. Enjoy the sunshine and great  colonial buildings throughout the shopping district in Nassau, Bahamas.
We decide to wander down the street, sauntering between Diamonds International outlets to pick up our freebie gifts, charm bracelets and three charms … 
What caught our eye were the white straw hats, adorning manikins all dressed in white, a few black accents.  The whole shop made of white cotton clothes … And so the gals enjoyed trying on the various styles.  Many purchases were made.
Gals tried on diamond rings, precious stones set in pendants … Earrings, bracelets.  In EFFY store, a topaz pendent went from a stud to a stiletto, on silver chain.  Oh my … What fun!  Scarves of bamboo silk.  Brilliant  colours.  
Four or five hours of walking.  Laughter and greetings as we recognized our travel mates, even through the crowds from other ships.  Special promotions offered for ship passengers.  A few friends made major jewel purchases.  One found a local fabric shop where screen prints are designed and sold.  
And it seems most of the other cruise travellers may have ventured to Atlantis, on Paradise Island for some beach time.
Back on board, some packing, a music show with Eric Christensen, and then dining up on Terrace Cafe outside under the stars.  Many fond goodbyes and hugs with new friends made on the cruise.  Bags outside the room packed and labelled by 10 pm.




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