Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida 

I recall last being in this port in December 2014 after flying in from St Lucia after that fire on board Oceania Insignia.  This time we arrive in early morning aboard Oceania Regatta, as scheduled.
A lovely safe arrival.  Breakfast in Terrace Cafe.  Very busy morning as crew, as well as guests getting off in Miami.  In fact over twenty guests have been on for past 71 days also disembarking.  Some of the crew got off a few days ago to work on board Oceania Riviera. I will be seeing them when I join that cruise on 1 April Miami to Barcelona.  
Three of us met up to share a taxi to Miami airport, however, we ended up with a shuttle, $10 usd per person.  Very convenient.  Several of our friends took an Oceania arranged hop on off bus through Miami city before coming to the airport.  
We have all met up now and are sitting and waiting for the gates to open.  Many of the people we met on this flight are here, waiting for boarding the is lovely to keep these friendly relationships going.  
My dear trend and travel buddy Janie was able to secure a bulkhead seat with leg room.  I was not so lucky.  So she has offered me to take her seat and she would sit in my place.  I have the BEST friends!  The Air Canada agent arranged for us both to sit in bulkhead on the first leg of this flight.  Yeah!
I just heard from travel buddy Adrienne that the temperature in Toronto is minus 5 with minus 20 with wind chill.  Crazy weather!  After more than three weeks in the hot tropics, close to the equator …  I hope it is hot in Victoria.  I will be there for a few days before I fly back to Miami.  I am already praying to the luggage spirits, trusting my bags will arrive.
The flight departs just a wee bit behind schedule, five of the Women’s Travel Club women on same flight.  The rest left earlier today it seems, some via Montreal.  Our flight is via Toronto.

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