San Juan Puerto Rico

Today we receive our passports and clear security before going ashore.

Again we met at the reception desk area, relaxing on the couches, chatting with the Destination Desk support and reviewing maps while waiting for all the gals to arrive.  We have hats, sun glasses, a bag for shopping treasures, some camera equipment or iPad to capture the special port … Sandals on feet donned with painted toenails … Ready to go!
Some want to walk to capture the views from the various forts in town.  Some are content to walk the blue cobblestone streets and shop in the many artsy boutiques in search of treasures.  I am the latter.  We do often meet up with other gals during the morning.  Two heading for an iced Cappucino at Starbucks!  Gotta love San Juan!
Six cruise ships in port today, MSC, Disney, Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam, SilverSea, and two Oceania ships, the beautiful Riviera and our temporary home, Regatta.

A pre organized bridge visit to see who and how the ship is steered, our group of gals met and enjoyed over an hour of the Captain and crews time.  They allowed us to take photographs and ask questions of interest.  It was my first time on a bridge of a cruise ship.  I found it very interesting.  The Captain said we could take some extra time in port … So we went back out to the port, did some shopping together. 
We had found a specialty shop called The Butterfly People and we all purchased scarves and other small items of interest.  The shop keeper was so pleasant.  His staff had to keep folding scarves as we tried on all the beautiful bug related fabrics.  What fun!
After returning to the ship we changed for dinner but decided we would like to take pictures of the ship sail away from outside deck ten.  It was stunning and beautiful to capture the sunset.  
We decided to all dress in clothes representing or displaying butterflies.  What a beautiful sight on deck!  
Dining with some friends in the main dining area, scallops for me … And the maitre D offers to bring me a few more of these treasures of the sea.  Yumm.
A show with a former Russian pianist.  Wow!  It was a fantastic show, and the audience loves her.  The quality of her playing is confirmed by one of our accomplished pianists and member of our Women’s Travel Club, Adrienne.  
Only a few days left on this ship, we are enjoying our precious tine together.  Tonight we talk about our family, of origin and our created families, our careers and a few fun stories.  It is good to learn more about each other.  What a beautiful group of women.  Hard to believe we have met in the last year.  How lucky I am to get to travel with such wisdom and beautiful new friends!
Ciao for now.




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