Alter do Chao, Brazil

Wow, Alter do Chao!  

That was the highlight of our trip to the Amazon.  An early morning tender arriving in a picturesque little community.  Sandy beaches, long grasses and trees growing from deep in the swollen Amazon River.  Spectacular arrival.
  I fell in love immediately with the town.  Not pushy, the venders were selling local artifacts, items of clothing, jewelry, masks, whistles, stones and beads, tapestries and other works of art.  A walk through town revealed some beautiful homes, a hostel, low rise apartment looking hotel arrangements and stunningly beautiful flowers and trees growing in gardens and wild.

Homes well kept.  People living harmoniously with one another and bird song filling the tropical air.  Hot, sunny, and fragrant.  Coconuts and fruit high in the tall tropical trees.  And the lagoon was decorated, surrounded by thatched roof buildings and small boats.  
I could return to this place!  I found some beautiful Caribbean pearls at a great low price so I could spend the last of my Brazilian Reals in this town.  Emptying my small change purse I made a great deal.  
We walked up and down streets, then enjoyed the central square in the town, encircled with local shops.  Then we walked the boardwalk along the shore, and with great views and vistas of the mighty river and seasonal huts on a sand bar, used by tourists in the dry season.  Today this area is only accessible by boat.  And many people paid a small currency to be taken to the sand bar and enjoy some moments on a beach area.  I wanted to photograph it from many angles.  Wow!
I so enjoyed this stop and somehow it was the highlight of the trip to Brazil and the Amazon.  I stopped and spoke to a gentleman who spoke some English and works with thenTraditional peoples of Brazil.  His home was charming, along the water front and thatched roof, stunning gardens surrounded it.  Carved benches and chairs, and art work.  He explained all created by local artisans and given in exchange for whatever.  He attends many meetings and when he heard about my work as an agent he wanted to be in touch to see if we can do some business together in future.  He comes to Canada and travels around the world.  It was fun to speak to a local about maybe one day returning to rent a home in this town, he suggested November as the best season.  Beaches accessible, great sunshine and not many tourists yet at that time.  
His work sounded interesting and I loved his use of language, respectful and inclusive of the people in his land.  He appeared very knowledgable about the geography and history of the Amazon Basin.  I will send an email, and thank him for his time.
Back on the ship in early afternoon, we set sail for Devils Island.  We will have to leave the Amazon River and head out to the Caribbean Sea.  I got more pictures of the meeting of the waters and enjoyed the hot sun of the afternoon.  A great dinner in the main dining room, followed by the show and then some dancing with the gals in Horizons.
Cella, the future cruise gal advised there are some special promotion for single supplement reductions on some 15 cruises over the next three months.  I will try to spread the word.  Let me know if you are interested!
Tchau from Brazil.
Wish you were here.


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