onboard anticipation, reflections of a morning at sea

Needlepoint and guest lectures

We are not the only cruise ship out here.  Yachts of Seabourn has the Quest in the same waters following our route.  In fact this morning as we sail in to the calm river waters near Parentins, Brazil, their ship shares the area out side the port.  They also have tenders reaching out to bring guests to enjoy the port activities.  They were here first this morning.  We have arrived a little sooner than expected, more than an hour early.
Today will be relaxed and enjoyable.  I have spent most of the morning inside,the Horizons lounge, after I had my walk on deck and then breakfast outside of the Terrace Cafe.
Ready now to drop anchor.  I will go to the room to prepare for the excursion to shore.  I am working alternatively between writing blog posts, checking my cruise ship centres emails and also working on my Caribbean themed needlework glasses case that I started a few days previously.  So many women are working on their needle work projects, it is fun to see.  Relaxing and enjoyable sitting near the window, with natural sunlight and the most beautiful vistas just outside the floor to ceiling windows.
The other gals are attending a guest lecturer this morning, a speaker about future, gloom and doom.  I could not bring myself to contemplate any gloominess on a day or trip as beautiful as this cruise.
I can hear and feel the rumble from far beneath the ship, as the anchor and engines struggle to secure us to the river bottom for a day of tender travel to transport precious cargo and guests to and from the shores and banks of this magnificent river.  Oh what treasures we will see!  Wish you were here!

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