More River thoughts

Back on the river, on route to Parentins, Brazil

A shore day planned for this afternoon, market and some shopping by the pier.  Some sources state 50 to 100,000 inhabitants in the area.  Known for the Boi Bumba Festival that takes place in June each year.  Dressed in colourful costumes and welcoming visitors from around the world, I am sure this would be a feast of culture and cuisine in the summer.  Today it will be our little Regatta ship tendering passengers in to port to contribute to the local economy with purchase perhaps of locally made handicrafts.  Lovely.
Up for a morning walk around the jogging track on top deck.  Stepping between the Amazon sized bugs that somehow did not survive the night on board the ship.  Close proximity to the shore allows for great views and thoughts of what it must be like to live in this area of the world.     I am enjoying the early morning cruise through the windy, once again mocha coloured Amazon River. 
It has been recommended by a few of the readers of this blog, and some members of the Women’s Travel Club for me to read State of Wonder, a novel by Ann Patchett.  I must try it when I get home or perhaps on my next cruise :). 

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